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Clinical Skill Acquisition for the Health Care Practitioner Training Series

Presented by: Frederick R Carrick, DC, PhD, MS-HPEd


Prof Carrick’s clinical skill and global reputation of excellence have given him a world-renown status as one of the most sought-after specialists in clinical neuroscience. Health care professionals from around the world desire to understand his thought process.  This course will teach them how to think, process, and apply the art of clinical neuroscience. Prof Carrick has been featured in patient grand rounds worldwide, where clinicians observe the diagnostic and therapeutic procedures that have become a legend.  Prof Carrick has had Emmy award-winning documentary films made about his work with neurologically compromised patients.  He has also been featured on most prime-time television networks, major newspapers, and journals as an expert in neurological trauma.  As well as his clinical success over the past 42 years, Prof Carrick is a published researcher with 66 peer-reviewed papers indexed on PubMed. 

This series is unique in that Prof Carrick will discuss the types of patients that he attends regularly.  Participants will learn how he thinks and answer six core questions specific to each category of patient. If you are a health care provider that desires insights into actual practice scenarios, consider registering for this course.

Topics Covered In The Series:

Each 2-day self-paced course will answer the following questions for each topic: 

  • What is its epidemiology?
  • What do you need to be able to observe?
  • What is the differential diagnosis?
  • What can you do, and what is the best treatment?
  • What is the prognosis, and how does this affect the patient, family, and society?
  • What can we do to prevent each topic listed below?

Who is the course for?

This program is a unique course that is ideal for all levels of experienced health care professionals.  Prof Carrick will share the skills necessary to be a good and competent clinician.  He will address applications to patient care based upon a proficient knowledge of clinical science.  Our course’s central theme is providing effective patient care that is appropriate and empathetic.

Our primary audience is healthcare professionals including Physical Therapists, Chiropractors, Chiropractic Neurologists, Medical Physicians, Osteopaths, Acupuncturists, Neuropsychologists, Occupational Therapists, Nurses, Athletic Trainers, Dentists, and allied health.  Please contact us if you have any questions about your eligibility for this program.


General Tuition: $799

Included in Your Tuition

  • 15 hours of training per module with Prof. Frederick Carrick
  • All access to the digital recording of the class
  • Any future updates to the course videos or other materials
  • Re-attendance*
  • 15 Neurology Hours per module towards the ACFN (American College of Functional Neurology) & ACNB (American Chiropractic Neurology Board) with each module
  • Access to the flipped classroom with lifetime updates
  • 3 months of unlimited access to Medline upon completion of the module

*Scholars will receive CEU & neurology hours upon their first completion of the module. Any re-attendance is considered an audit.

Re-attendance policy: Scholars who have registered and completed a course after December 2019 have the ability to re-attend the course with no additional fee. When re-attending a course, the scholar will not receive continuing education credits and will receive an audit. Carrick Institute is not responsible for providing new materials for class audits, including but not limited to manuals, shirts, equipment, etc. If manuals have been updated since the original attendance date, the updated materials will be available via PDF on the scholar’s online portal. If the scholar would like to purchase a new paper manual, they may do so before the course start date.

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Clinical Skill Acquisition for the Health Care Practitioner Training Series via Online, Self-Paced Learning*

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