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Traumatic Brain Injury Program

TBI Program Featuring: Frederick R Carrick, DC, PhD Distinguished Professor of Neurology Roland Blaauw Professor of Neurology Senior Research Fellow BCMHR in association with University of Cambridge Clinical Scholar Harvard Medical School and MGH Institute of Health Professions. This in-depth series of lectures and hands-on applications will prepare the participant to be qualified in the diagnosis and treatment of mild traumatic brain injuries/concussions. Concussions affect people of all ages and can be life changing and career-ending, especially for athletes. Our program features Prof Ted Carrick and his team of specialists who attend patients with MTBI from around the world. More than 300,000 sports-related concussions occur in the USA alone. Participants will learn the necessary skills and applications necessary to attend these athletes and others who have suffered MTBI. Our program addresses concussion from an epidemiological and pathophysiological model that is treatment based. The cognitive and emotional components of MTBI are linked to the physical with applications central to improving prognostic outcomes. If you are a clinician who desires to be qualified to attend high profile professional and Olympic athletes who have suffered MTBI then our program is designed for you. Young children have the highest concussion rate among all age groups and our certification program will prepare you to be competent in their treatment. Most people who suffer a concussion are young adults and female athletes may be at a higher risk for MTBI than males. Our program addresses prevention of brain injury as well as the diagnosis and treatment. Our learners will be trained to utilize current diagnostic and therapeutic modalities that Prof Carrick’s has used to help the most complicated patients and athletes from around the world. Successful completion of our clinical program will qualify participants for dual Fellowship certification in both Concussion/MTBI and Vestibular Rehabilitation from the American College of Functional Neurology. This Concussion/mTBI program, in its entirety is 350 hours. Each module is 25 hours of learning.
  • 240 – Intro to Concussion/TBI
  • 241 – Eye Movements and Brain Function
  • 242 – The Vestibular Optokinetic System
  • 243 – Brain Function & the Saccadic System
  • 244 – Disorders of Visual Pursuits
  • 245 – The Vestibular Ocular System
  • 246 – Stability of Gaze
  • 247 – Properties & Neural Substrate of Eye Movements
  • 248 – Evaluation of Head, Neck & Eye Movements
  • 249 – Diplopia & Clinical Applications
  • 250 – Gait & Clinical Applications
  • 251 – Balance, Station & Gait
  • 252 – Clinical Applications – Cerebellum
  • 253 – Clinical Applications
  • 255- TBI Board Review

Tuition Options

  • $750 per 25 credit hour on-demand module and available for registration in the Carrick Institute store. (DVDs are not eligible for credit hours)
  • The Carrick Institute offers a pre-payment option of $9750 for 15, 25-hour modules, to complete the  Concussion/mTBI certification program.
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