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16 y/o male post-concussion Patient Case Review with Dr. Traster


Released August 3, 2017. Recorded by Dr. Garica. MP3 format. Runtime: 40:38

**The Carrick Institute Podcast, Talk Neuro to Me, is transitioning to the following platforms: iTunes, Spotify, and Google Play. Click here to access our listening platforms. Don’t forget to subscribe to our podcast and leave us a review!** Dr. David Traster (South Florida Integrative Health) leads us through a case of a 16 year old male who is suffering from post-concussion syndrome. ¬†Listen as Dr. Traster guides you through his clinical¬†thought process. To see Dr. Traters upcoming teaching schedule, click here.¬† To learn more about the Vestibular Rehabilitation program, click here.
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