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813 On-Demand Pain


Module 813 of the Clinical Neuroscience program.

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Course Objectives –

The goal of this module is to integrate primarily the use of receptor based modalities in the treatment of neurological pain disorders under the current understanding of hemispheric brain function.  Emphasis will be placed on the neurological influences of multiple organ system function as it pertains primarily to the production of the most common pain syndromes affecting human kind.  The interpretation of information obtained from the physical examination will be reviewed as it pertains to ones ability to discern dysfunction in the human nervous system as well as to provide the examiner with information on the specific application of treatment modalities to decrease an individuals pain perception in an efficacious manner.  This concept will be developed as to aid the practitioner in developing thought processes that would embrace the vast integration and complexity of the human nervous system in such away as to successfully apply the breadth and depth of information encompassing human pain and suffering in a chiropractic neurological setting.

Faculty – Dr. Adam Klotzek

Continuing Education – 15 hours

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