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Neurological Rehabilitation (818)


Module 818 of the Clinical Neuroscience program.

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Course Objectives –

The main objective of this module is to integrate the current understanding of neurological function in the diagnosis and treatment of disorders affecting the human nervous system. Emphasis will be placed on the neurological influences of multiple organ system functions as it pertains primarily to the assessment of human neuronal integrity. The interpretation of information obtained from the physical examination will be reviewed as it pertains to one’s ability to discern dysfunction in the human nervous system as well as to provide the examiner with information on the specific application of treatment modalities to improve humanistic function and expression. This concept will be developed to aid the practitioner in developing thought processes that would embrace the vast integration and complexity of the human nervous system. It will be the end goal of this module that the learner is able to explain the most common scenarios of human functionality/dysfunctionality in terms of a lesion within the nervous system and be able to apply a treatment that is in concert with the CIS of the human nervous system.


Dr. Adam Klotzek

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15 Neurology Hours

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