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Cardiac Functions (820)


Module 820 of the Clinical Neuroscience Program.

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Course Objectives –

The goal of this module is to review the basic neurological functional aspects that govern consciousness in humankind at a breadth and depth specific to chiropractic practice.  Emphasis will be placed on the dynamic functional interaction of those systems governing consciousness in humankind.  The interrelationship between ocular motor and vertebral motion segment functionality will be discussed at a breadth and depth specific to chiropractic practice.  The cortical and cerebellar influences on consciousness in humankind will be discussed in detail. Various alterations in human consciousness will be discussed at a breadth and depth applicable to chiropractic practice.  It is hoped that the attendees will be able to integrate the breadth and depth of information presented in such a manner as to further the scope of chiropractic practice and to aid in reducing human suffering.


Dr. Adam Klotzek

Neurology Hours

15 Neurology Hours

Year Recorded


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