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821 On-Demand Digestion & Reproductive Function


Module 821 of the Clinical Neuroscience Program.

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Course Objectives –

The goal of this module is to review the mechanisms behind the production of the image on an MRI scan and to review the significance of T1 vs T2 weighted images in the diagnosis of various brain and spinal cord pathologies through the use of MRI scanning. It is also the goal of this module to establish a level of proficiency in reading primarily MRI scans by reviewing again the mechanisms of how they are produced as well as the anatomy of the regions being imaged.  Clinical correlation will be emphasized throughout the weekend with regards to the apparent lesion as viewed on MRI and probable presenting symptomatology.  This will then be further correlated with physiological lesions of a non ablative aspect to that of ablation.

Faculty –Dr. Adam Klotzek

Continuing Education – 15 hours

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