992 Clinical Neurochemistry & Nutrition I On-Demand


Topic: Core Concepts and Principles of Clinical Neurochemistry.

Credit Hours: This course is part of the 150 hour Neurochemistry and Nutrition Progam and is eligible for 25 hours.



Topic: Core Concepts and Principles of clinical Neurochemistry.
Presented by: Dr. David Clark

In this module, Dr. Clark will cover:

  • Neuron and synapse structure and physiology
  • The internal biochemical environment of the neuron
  • Neural Membranes
  • Neuron biogenergetics
  • Neurotransmission
  • Disorders of the membranes, energetics, and neurotransmission
  • Physical and neurological examination correlates
  • Clinical Conditions discussed: Epilepsies, Stroke, Pain

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