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Brain Dissection 2017 On-Demand with Dr. Frederick Carrick


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Brain dissection is not new.  It has existed as a primary teaching tool for clinicians for a very long time.  But the Carrick Institute brain dissection program is uniquely designed for clinicians because it takes an in-depth look at the brain in more detail than a standard dissection course.  Throughout the course, Dr. Carrick leads doctors on an exciting journey of function related to structure.  Each area of the brain is carefully dissected, discussed and described in depth by Prof Frederick R. Carrick.

This incredible 25-hour on-demand class will allow you access to the full the brain dissection course at your own pace, so you can be sure to fully grasp the material.  The On-demand brain dissection provides an opportunity for long-term knowledge retention you can’t get elsewhere.  The course will also include an exam to assess and reinforce the materials covered.


“This course brought to life the subject matter that I have only studied in textbooks. To see the structures that we are functionally influencing with their connections and pathways allows a deeper understanding of the applications of Clinical Neuroscience. This course should be made mandatory for any practitioner of this discipline. I only wish I could have taken it sooner. I can honestly say that after 25 years of practice it was one of the most memorable and clinically applicable courses I have taken. I was proud to be a part of it-Thank you.”

“I would highly recommend the Brain Dissection Class to any healthcare professional interested in helping their patients using the principles of neuroplasticity. I appreciated Dr. Carrick’s incredible depth of knowledge on the subject as well as his continual mining of the current neurological research for clinical application. I came out of the brain dissection seminar with a greater understanding of the tracts and nuclei. I can say, without hesitation, that this class was a highlight in my life. I was also appreciative of the care and respect shown for the gifts of life, education and love that the donors provided. This was an overwhelming experience and I highly recommend the class.”

[/img_text_aside] Upon purchase, you will have 1 full year of access for credit and lifetime access for review.

Prof. Frederick R. Carrick

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25 Neurology Hours

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Online Self-Paced

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