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(CNS01) Embryology & Physiology of the Nervous System


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In embryology and physiology of the nervous system, you will learn the pertinent anatomy, physiology, and pathophysiology of the neuron as well the embryological development of the nervous system. You will learn techniques to allow you to appropriately assess and diagnosis the common conditions related to embryological development and neuronal stability. Clinical applications will be discussed for patients with these conditions. This course provides the foundational framework for the use of manual and brain-based therapies in the treatment of neurological disease. This exciting module begins by focusing on the concepts in embryological development of the peripheral and central nervous systems. Emphasis will be placed on discussing the pros and cons of both the columnar and prosomeric models of cortical organization.  Physiological function of nerves will be reviewed with an emphasis on the clinical scenarios seen with metabolic deregulation. The influence of early sensory input to the development of thalamo cortical projections preserved throughout adulthood will be discussed in relationship to the effects of sensory deprivation on neurological integrity through out life.  This module provides learners with the foundation needed for ongoing studies in our Clinical Neuroscience series. Learners that have previously completed the following modules will be eligible for this course at an audit: 801
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15 Neurology Hours


Dr. Adam Klotzek

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Internet Live-Stream, Online Self-Paced, Onsite

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