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– Functional neurology management of Concussion 
– Concussion Bootcamp

July 21-23, 2023 | Orlando, FL
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Neurology in Practice (18FNP)


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The Carrick Institute’s mission is to serve patients around the world by bringing together premier educational resources to clinicians and scholars.  In an effort to support CI scholars, we have brought together a special event to help clinicians navigate the transition from a traditional practice to the modern practice that includes an individualized clinical neuroscience approach. This on-demand executive workshop is a comprehensive overview of professional neurology practice. It covers techniques to attract new patients from personal and professional referrals, learn to create unified & efficient management systems, and acquire the skills you need to succeed in the modern professional practice. This program will allow you to become a sought-after authority for Clinical Neurology in your town by the end of the year, create a rock-star team of empowered people, and create a level of excitement in your patients and your programs.

What you will learn in this program

  • The current practice management models that are proving most effective in Clinical Neurology and how to assess which model will best fit your personality and practice.
  • Learn to understand and leverage the GAP Analysis™ for practice efficiency to ensure proper staffing and coordination.
  • How a simple 3+1 Communication Formula, the EIQB™, amplifies your front desk control for scheduling new patients and increases your show rate.
  • How to use our Signature System Modeler to define your own practice and remove yourself from the competitive landscape.
  • We will identify your current public practice image and offer techniques to maximize your professional presence.
  • Using our Culture Coordinator™ will identify and design the top 15 areas that increase patient retention, results, and connection.
  • We will layout the exact steps for each type of Clinical neurology visit.
  • Using our BFTM™ system, you will quickly see our model for a 7-figure clinic with over 5 months of total time off for your family and your professional development.
  • How to increase your fees without disrupting your patient volume in the next 90-days.
  • How to lead professionally, without sales gimmicks, and have patients accept, and complete, your care programs.
  • Ethical and effective marketing strategies.
  • How to leverage social media to attract high-quality patients using our exclusive 2-Phase-Lifestyle-Elevation-Challenge™.
  • Systems used in over 300 practices to leverage the growth of a professional practice using our Elevated Authority™ model
  • Our exclusive 5-Step Empowerment Flow™ to train staff on any task from beginning to mastery in record time
  • The reports you need to pilot a practice in under 30 minutes a week
  • How to easily integrate systems and procedures without creating a drop in production
  • How to transition a Chiropractic practice into a professional Clinical Neurology practice or Hybrid Chiropractic/FN practice
  • Learn the team training drills to increase production at every staff position while elevating your practice excitement
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