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ISCN 2015 (15ISCN)


International Symposium of Clinical Neuroscience
Theme: Traumatic Brain Injury & Neurodegeneration

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International Symposium on Clinical Neuroscience 2017

Topic: Traumatic Brain Injury & Neurodegeneration



  •  Dr. Frederick R. Carrick
  • Dr. Elena Becker-Barroso
  • Dr. Ahmed Hankir
  • Dr. Lucas Koberda
  • Dr. David George
  • Kevin Pearce
  • Dr. Anne Blood
  • Dr. Guido Pagnacco
  • Dr. Unini Odama
  • Dr. Matthew E. Worth
  • Dr. Michael V. Johnston
  • Dr. Adam Klotzek
  • Dr. David Traster
  • Dr. Carolyn Mazure
  • Dr. George Kukurin
  • Dr. Christa Hubbard
  • Dr. Barbara Kinder
  • Dr. Matthew Antonucci
  • Dr. Richard Rovin
  • Dr. Nathan Keiser
  • Dr. Charles Popper
  • Dr. Bonnie J. Kaplan
  • Dr. Anna Martin
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