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Mastery of Neurochemistry of Autism Spectrum Disorders (989)


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The 3-day class will address all of the following critical topics:

  • Neurotypical development – you have to know normal neurodevelopment in order to recognize early warning signs of ASD.
  • Understand what Autism Spectrum Disorders are and are not. You’ll cut through the myths and misconceptions about ASD and be able to speak a common language with other professionals.
  • The puzzle of Autistic Spectrum Disorder symptoms—what they mean and how they can guide your testing and treatment.
  • Possible causes of Autism – Knowing the possible etiologies streamlines your diagnostic and treatment approach
  • Risk factors for ASD
  • Genetics of ASD: How much do they matter? The answer will surprise you.
  • Epigenetics and ASD: Environmental influences
  • SNPs and ASD – Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms are all the rage right now…you’ll learn which SNPs—if any—are relevant to treating a child with ASD
  • Vaccines and Autism – The reality of the controversial connection between Vaccines and ASD —and how to use this knowledge to efficiently prioritize treatment in ASD
  • What exactly goes wrong in Autism? Learn the spectrum of Metabolic Malfunctions and how to recognize them in your patient: Gastrointestinal, Immunological, Endocrine
  • What happens in the gut happens in the brain: The Gut-Brain-Gut Axis
  • Bioenergetic and Mitochondrial dysfunction – The role of ATP, free radicals, and oxidative damage.
  • Barrier Permeability – Leaky gut, leaky brain, leaky sinus, leaky lung: how to detect which barriers are compromised and what to do to heal them
  • Gluten and Casein Sensitivity—Both are well-established problems in ASD. You’ll understand WHY they affect brain function and how to implement the GF/CF diet effectively.  The opposite viewpoint will also be discussed
  • Food Sensitivities — beyond gluten and dairy. Learn which foods can negatively affect brain function
  • The Fungal/Yeast/Candida problem –  Understand how fungi and yeast overgrowths affect brain function, and learn how to recognize the signs & symptoms of this very common problem in ASD
  • Gastrointestinal infections and Bacterial Overgrowths – learn the difference between actual SIBO (small intestine bacterial overgrowth) dysbiosis and pathogenic infections.
  • Vitamin and Mineral Deficiencies and Insufficiencies
  • Heavy Metal Toxicity – How many kids actually have this? Should you test? Should you treat it?
  • The role of B12, Folate, and Methylation
  • The role of Autoimmunity and Immune System Dysregulation in ASD – determining the presence of this factor is critical in the successful treatment of a child with ASD
  • The Appropriate clinical tests to use in evaluating a child with ASD.
  • You’ll learn when to order, how to order, and how to interpret the following tests:
    • Blood chemistry
    • Urinary Organic Acids
    • Stool testing
    • Food sensitivities
    • Specialized testing: metals, chemicals, histamine, pyrroles
  • Which ASD symptoms and behaviors reliably correlate with specific metabolic/neurochemical problems.
  • The Top 4 Treatment Priorities in ASD – when you know these you’ll never get lost or confused about what to do next
  • The ‘Ex Juvantibus’ Method – you’ll learn this rational and economical investigative method.
  • The ASD Toolbox – you’ll have a comprehensive list of the tests, diets and supplements taught in the class that you can use as an easy reference.
  • Integrated Effective Treatment Plans for managing patients with ASD. How to use specific supplementation and diets to treat and manage the wide spectrum of physiological alterations in ASD
  • The most effective Diet and Supplement interventions: Dr. Clark’s 16 years of experience.
  • How and When to do follow up visits and re-testing of labs (if any).
  • The Long-Term Vision support of a child with ASD. Working with a child with ASD is not a short-term, acute care kind of doctor-patient relationship. The trained practitioner can be a guiding light for years in the life of a child with ASD. You’ll learn how to be that influence
  • A Special Section on the PREVENTION OF ASD.

Who is this class for?

This class was developed for clinicians who work with patients who are looking to find nutritional protocols and strategies to help their patients who are suffering from thyroid and thyroid-related conditions.  MD’s, DO’s, RN/NP, DC’s, RD’s & certified nutritionists, can attend. If you would like to attend but are not if you are eligible, please contact us via our Contact Us page.


Dr. David Clark

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