Mastery of the Thyroid-Brain Axis On-demand with Dr. David Clark


This course is worth 25 credit hours. You will have 1 year of access once production of the module is complete.



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Class Description:

This 25 hour clinical program is a comprehensive overview of thyroid physiology and its role in maintaining optimal function of the brain and nervous system. The specific relationship between thyroid disorders and a variety of common clinical conditions will be explored.  Participants will be trained to recognize and accurately diagnose thyroid disorders in their patient populations, as well as treat these disorders successfully—even in patients already taking medication.

What you will learn in the course:

  • Normal Thyroid physiology: synthesis, secretion, binding, metabolism and action
  • How Thyroid hormones are manufactured and distributed throughout the body and brain
  • The role of thyroid hormones in the normal development of the neuraxis
  • The critical role of thyroid hormones in maintaining normal function of the Brain
  • Understand the two main categories of thyroid dysfunction, and why knowing the difference will accelerate patient outcomes and compliance
  • The Six Major Thyroid Pathologies, how to diagnose them and how to successfully manage them
  • Hypothyroidism
  • Thyrotoxicosis (hyperthyroidism)
  • Hashimoto’s disease: thyroiditis, hypothyroidism
  • Hashimoto’s: impact on cerebellum, vestibular system and Brain function
  • When to suspect Thyroid cancer and the appropriate steps to take
  • Understand the critical role thyroid hormone status plays in the following conditions:
    • Depression
    • Chronic Pain
    • Neurodegeneration (ie. Parkinson’s)
    • Neuropathy
    • Autoimmunity
    • Auto-inflammatory
  • Physical Examination of the Thyroid Gland
  • Which laboratory tests you should order to properly assess the patient’s thyroid hormone status
  • How to correctly analyze and interpret laboratory tests that assess thyroid hormone status and related organ function
  • Learn Neurological exam skills that are relevant to your patient’s Thyroid status: Saccades, Anti-saccades, Tremor assessment, Gait and Ataxia, Reflexes
  • Development of clinically-proven and science-based treatment plans using specific supplementation and diet to address and successfully manage patients with thyroid disorders
  • How to easily integrate evaluation and treatment of thyroid disorders into your current practice
  • Learn more than a single brand, learn which nutritional products or protocols would help your patient best.

Who is this class for?

This class was developed for clinicians who work with patients who are looking to find nutritional protocols and strategies to help their patients who are suffering from thyroid and thyroid related conditions.  MD’s, DO’s, RN/NP, DC’s, RD’s & certified nutritionists, can attend. If you would like to attend but are not if you are eligible, please contact us via our Contact Us page.