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Migraine Building Blocks: Nutrition and Hormones (232)


This course is part of the 150 hours Mastering Migraine Program.

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Migraine Building Blocks: Nutrition and Hormones

In order to effectively treat a migraine, you must understand how nutrition and hormones play a roll in the migraine condition, and how to solve those problems.
    • Triggers and their role in migraine – Do triggers even exist? New research tells us why traditional wisdom may be a diversion from the actual cause.
    • Nutrition & Migraine – Learn everything, including genetic components, of nutrition in migraine.
    • Ketogenic, Atkins, Fasting, Vegan….what is the best diet for migraine??
    • Omega 3’s and their effect on episodic migraine
    • Caffeine – A harmful and helpful compound. How do we use it clinically
    • B Vitamins – What are the vitamin correlates?
    • Genetic base of nutrition, is there a method to the food sensitivity madness??
    • Month by Month nutritional guidelines for successful migraine outcomes
    • Antioxidants – Dealing with inflammatory aspects of migraine
    • Sodium intake – How and when to use salt as an adjunct for treatment
    • Vitamin D deficiency and migraine – What are the vitamin D correlates?
    • Stress & Hormones – How does stress effect migraine? Find out how to test and interpret lab results and prescribe proper protocols.
    • Menstrual related migraine – What can be done and why is it currently being done wrong
    • Stress and migraine chronification – How to stop the downward spiral
    • Estrogens role in migraine – Learn how the females hormones play a role in the migraine condition.
    • Trigeminal alterations in menstrual migraine patients
    • The effect of puberty on migraine
    • Laboratory testing of stress hormones – Learn exactly what tests are worth ordering for stress hormones and which ones to skip.
    • Interpretation and protocol development of HPA Axis dysfunction
This class is the 2nd part in a 4 part series. To learn more about the entire Mastering Migraine Program, please click here.    

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