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Neuron Theory & Receptor Activation with Dr. Klotzek On-demand


Module 801 of the Clinical Neuroscience program.

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Course Objectives –

  1. Understand the clinical implications of alterations in neuronal physiology as it pertains to cortical hemisphericity.
  2. Understand the clinical implications associated with the following:
    1. Neuronal Structure
    2. Action Potentials
    3. Threshold
    4. Temporal/Spatial summation
    5. Effects of de-afferentation on neuronal integration and it’s clinical implications as related to:
      1. Summation rates
      2. Fatigueability co-efficient
  3. Relationship of the benign physiological blind spot to:
    1. Cortical hemisphericity
    2. The above mentioned key concepts

Faculty – Dr. Adam Klotzek

Continuing education – 15 hours

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