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Perfecting the Migraine Case (234)


This course is part of the 150 hours Mastering Migraine Program.

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Perfecting the Migraine Case

Putting it all together – This will occur throughout the 4-module series, and in this module you will learn all you need to know to effectively manage the migraine patient from patient history, intake and exits exams, in office rehab protocols and at home rehab strategies.
      • Outcome measures – We will learn about current outcome measures and how to use them.
      • Treatment modalities
        • Medications – Learn how to manage patients and their medication with their prescribing physician. This is an art in itself!
        • Botox – Pros and cons of use and how it relates to our migraine model.
        • Cannabis – Learn how endocannabinoids work and why they may be a better option than many medications.
        • Vestibular Rehab- Review vestibular function and how it relates to a migraine.
        • Visual System Modalities –  Learn a simple way to assess for dysfunction and prescribe treatments for acute and management care.
        • Peripheral nerve stimulation – What it is, where, and when to use it
        • Nutrition – How to coach migraine patients through the nutrition aspect, and the best way effective way to wean off of caffeine!
        • Hormonal approach – We will run through many labs and interpret them so you are comfortable reading the first lab you order.
        • Musculoskeletal – Learn when and where to apply manual therapies, and more importantly, when not to!
      • Management of migraine patients – Training patients to understand their condition
      • Live cases – Throughout the whole course we will encourage you to bring cases to help everyone’s learning process.
This class is the 4th part in a 4 part series. To learn more about the entire Mastering Migraine Program, please click here.

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