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Professional LxH Dynamic Disc Model

Dynamic disc model consisting of a detailed single level motion segment with a see-through L4 lens to show relevant anatomy related to pain mechanisms associated with the intervertebral disc, the cauda equina and other vertebral features. Engage with patients in an effective way through dynamic anatomy to improve patient education and outcomes.

A dynamic L4-5 lumbar model helping to connect one’s symptoms to the anatomy of back pain. Model is to scale. Details include: see-through L4 vertebrae, elastomeric two-part intervertebral disc (nucleus pulposus and annulus fibrosus), herniating nucleus, dynamic disc bulging, annular innervation, neo-innervation, annular fissures (radial and circumferential), nuclear particles, simulated superior endplate and fracture of L5, painted facets to showcase subchondrial vascularization and hyaline cartilage, cauda equina (dural sheath, arachnoid and pia, dorsal root ganglion, sensory and motor divisions, recurrent meningeal, gray rami communicants, posterior primary division.)
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