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SportGait – Medical Technology Assessment Platform for Concussion/mTBI

Evidence-Based Assessments SportGait’s Concussion/mTBI Clinical Decision Support Assessment technology platform equips clinicians with highly reliable and comprehensive concussion/mTBI assessments, including:
  • Gait Analysis using BKG (Biokinetograph Graph) developed by SportGait
  • Cognitive (Connors Continuous Performance Test)
  • VOMS (Vestibular Ocular Motor)
  • Mental Health (BASC-3 BESS)
  • BESS (Balance Error Scoring System)
  • Log an Injury
  • Concussion Symptom Tracking
  • Medical History
  • Baseline and Post-Injury through Recovery Testing

Platform Features
  • Compare patient results to large age and gender normative data – baselines available but not required
  • Easy to administer and interpret
  • HIPAA compliant cloud-based platform
  • Track and visualize patient’s recovery progress
  • Save and upload patient report to EMR
  • Conduct assessments in-clinic or remotely
  • Supports remote patient monitoring
  • SportGait clinics listed in ‘Find a Provider’ section

The BKG Gait Analysis in Research During the BKG assessment, accelerometers on the mobile device record and save data about how the person moves through space. This raw data are converted to patented BKG waveforms with amplitudes and critical intervals. These gait components can be classified into profiles of Power, Stride, Stability and Symmetry. Power Profile Power variables reflect energy expenditure while walking. Impairment of Power variables suggest reduced impact when the foot contacts the ground. Stride Profile Stride variables reflect speed and proportionality of the various stages of the gait cycle. Impairment of Stride variables suggest difficulty maintaining speed while walking. Stability Profile Stability variables reflect the amount of wobble and sway while walking. Impairment of Stability variables indicate balance difficulty. Symmetry Profile  Symmetry variables detect asymmetries. Impairment of Symmetry variables suggest difficulty maintaining regularity, consistency, and evenness in gait functioning.
SportGait is featured in the Functional Neurology Management of Concussion Course.  Listen to Dr. Garcia and Dr. Antonucci discuss the benefits of this partnership in the videos below:   
Schedule DEMO to learn more, receive a 2-week product trial, and information on Special Carrick Pricing!  SCHEDULE DEMO HERE  
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