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July 21-23, 2023 | Orlando, FL
Registration is Now Open! 


July 21-23, 2023 | Orlando, FL
Registration is Now Open! 

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(CNS02) The Proprioceptive & Neuromuscular System


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Human movement is critical for survival.  In this module we discuss the building blocks of the neuromuscular system by reviewing in detail muscular development and structure.  We further discuss how muscles communicate with the CNS to provide a steady state of feedback allowing for fluid movement control.  The most common primary myopathies and will be reviewed along with the most common neuromuscular disorders. In this module you will learn pertinent anatomy, physiology, and pathophysiology as related to the neuromuscular system.  You will learn the appropriate assessments as well as the information needed to make an appropriate diagnosis for the most common conditions related to the function of the neuromuscular system. A neurological and physical medicine approach to supporting patients with these conditions will be presented. Learners that have previously completed the following modules will be eligible for this course at an audit: 802
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15 Neurology Hours


Dr. Jessica Lofgren

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Internet Live-Stream, Online Self-Paced, Onsite

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Digital Access Now + Cape Canaveral, FL August 5-6, 2023, Digital Access Now + Livestream, EST August 5-6, 2023, Digital Access Now + Pick Location Later

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