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This page is to explain the benefits to those enrolled in full-time doctoral programs and taking Carrick Institute course work.*


Don’t just attend graduate school — get the most out of it. The Carrick Institute offers over 1,500 hours of Clinical Neurology Education, plus an array of academic resources to help students succeed in the field of Clinical Neuroscience. From orientation to graduation, the Carrick Institute experience creates opportunities that last a lifetime.


– What’s the secret to success? It starts with a call to a faculty advisor.

Academic advisors help you make important decisions like choosing the path that is right for you, selecting which courses to start with and staying on track for graduation. Have questions about any course content, how to apply this in the real world or what the Carrick Institute can do for you? We can help with that, too. Get to know your Carrick Institute advisor and you’ll go far.

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Daunted by dollar signs? Don’t be. The Carrick Institute Admissions office is your go-to place for understanding how to pay for graduate education and make the best of your investment.


The Carrick Institute has designed the ReceptorBased® Essentials Program to be affordable to students. A graduate degree should create a lifetime of opportunities, not a lifetime of debt. At the Carrick Institute, we offer a pre-payment plan for students to attend the ReceptorBased® Essentials Program. This allows you to take this entire program for $1,785. The prepayment program allows you to access each module for $357.

$1,785 ($357 per module) – This tuition covers all 5 modules. This is a savings of  $2,940 off the general tuition.

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The Carrick Institute offers a Pre-Payment Tuition option for all Carrick Institute scholars. The pre-payment option allows you to save money and invest in YOUR future! This option is designed for those committed to helping humankind above self. The pre-payment program provides the unprecedented opportunity to network and learn from the Carrick Institute’s faculty from around the world. Participants have attained the pinnacle of success in the field of Clinical Neuroscience. With the pre-payment program you will have access to attend the Carrick Institute Clinical Neuroscience Program events whenever you want, and wherever you want, live in person, live-streaming, or on-demand. Carrick Institute students can earn a diplomate in our two-year program for $7,980. That’s nearly a third of the cost of a state university. In fact, the Carrick Institute has the lowest tuition of any 300-hour program recognized by the American Chiropractic Neurology Board and the American College of Functional Neurology. Plus, our doctors are recognized worldwide and through their boards after certification.

What is included in the Pre-Payment Program?

  • 20 – Clinical Neuroscience Program (800 Series) Modules (15 Credit Hours per Module)
  • 300 Hours of Education
  • A savings of $4,000 on the Clinical Neuroscience (Diplomate Program)
  • The capability to interchange your styles of learning with onsite, internet live-stream and on-demand options
  • Credits that will never expire
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Fact: School can be stressful. Fallacy: you have to deal with it on your own. The Carrick Institute understands the importance of maintaining your balance during school and we want to help you succeed during your time as a student and throughout your journey as a new doctor.

Check out our Student Benefits:

  •  Free Access to Professor Carrick’s Grand Rounds Cases, Reviewed by Dr. Antonucci at your school Neuro Club*
  • A 6 month grace period after graduation to extend the student tuition to all Carrick Institute Courses
  • Tuition savings on ISCN. A great place to meet other doctors in our network
  • ReceptorBased® Essential special tuition price for students
  • The Carrick Institute will help you with job placement assistance through our NeuroConnect Network as well as patient referrals through the NeuroNetwork
* If your school does not already have a Neuro Club and you would like to start one please contact us and we will assist you in getting this setup. *Must be enrolled in the Clinical Neuroscience Program.


Education of healthcare professionals is central to the Carrick Institute mission and we are dedicated to the continuing this service. Since 2001 the Carrick Institute has awarded over 2.2 million dollars in scholarships and we are very pleased with the impact this has had on the education of healthcare professionals. [su_spacer] [su_button url=”” target=”blank” background=”#753F7F” size=”5″ center=”yes”]Register as a Carrick Institute Student Today[/su_button] Eligibility for Enrollment for a Full – Time Doctoral Student Must be an unlicensed full-time doctoral student in a program for MD, DC, PT, DO, ND, DVM, etc. You will be asked to provide 2 forms of proof of full-time school enrollment in the form of: a copy or picture of your valid school ID, a letter from the registrar or a copy of your current school schedule. Terms of Enrollment  
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