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July 21-23, 2023 | Orlando, FL
Registration is Now Open! 


July 21-23, 2023 | Orlando, FL
Registration is Now Open! 

New Year - New Program Updates! Pain Reset 2.0 & Functional Neurology Essentials


ReceptorBased® Essentials Tuition:

Early-Bird (register 60 days in advance): $795 General Tuition: $945 Save even more with by prepaying for the entire 5 module RBE series: $2995 Our RBE pre-payment option allows you to save $1,730 from full tuition if you register for all 5 modules at once.  This program has been highly requested. Those who register with the pre-payment option will have priority in attendance over those who register for an individual module in the event of the program selling out.

ReceptorBased® Essentials – Student Tuition

The Carrick Institute has designed the ReceptorBased® Essentials Program to be affordable to students. A graduate degree should create a lifetime of opportunities, not a lifetime of debt. At the Carrick Institute, we offer a pre-payment plan for students to attend the ReceptorBased® Essentials Program. The student tuition for RBE saves you $2940 off the general tuition.  The prepayment program allows you to access each module for $357 individually. To access this tuition, the payment must be made as a prepayment of $1,785. Click here to view ReceptorBased Essentials Program Eligibility for Student Tuition for ReceptorBased® Essentials Program: A student must be an unlicensed full-time doctoral student in a program for MD, DC, PT, DO, ND, DVM, etc. Learn more about Student tuition: Click here Please contact for more information.

Clinical Neuroscience 800 series (15 credit hours modules), tuition:

Live On-Site Modules

  • $599 for standard registration
  • $499 for early-bird registration ( must >45 days before class start)

Internet Live-Stream Modules

  • $599 for standard registration
  • $499 for early-bird registration ( must >45 days before class start)

On-Demand Modules

  • $599 for standard registration

Pre-Payment Options & Diplomate Information

The most savings are available to our scholars through pre-payment programs.  In a pre-payment, you would purchase a bundle of 20 modules. Upon the successful completion of the twenty modules, you would have 300 credit hours and eligible to sit for the diplomate examination from the ACNB.  To sit for the fellowship examination from the ACFN, you need 350 credit hours total. Click here to view the 800 Series Pre-payment Tuition What is included in the Pre-Payment Program?
  • 20 – Clinical Neuroscience Program (800 Series) Modules (15 Credit Hours per Module)
  • 300 Hours of Education
  • A savings of $4,000 on the Clinical Neuroscience Series (Diplomate Program)
  • The capability to interchange your styles of learning with onsite, internet live-stream and on-demand options
  • Credits that will never expire

Specialty Curriculums

The Carrick Institute offers various specialty program such as Movement Disorders, Vestibular Rehabilitation, and Neurochemistry & Clinical Nutrition. Upcoming Courses: Available On-Demand Programs:
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