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Clinical Tools

Clinical Hydrogen Inhaler

$5,995.00 MSPR 
$4,796.00 – Carrick Scholar Pricing

Over 1000+ clinical studies on the inhalation of molecular hydrogen have shown it can help…

  • Support optimal brain function to help prevent  those embarrassing “senior moments”…
  • Fight nagging joint pain so it’s easier to enjoy hobbies, exercise, and fun activities with less stiffness and discomfort…
  • Skyrocket low energy and make the body feel energized even before that first sip of coffee…
  • Rejuvenate every cell in the body even for people over 40 and even for those who’ve been suffering with fatigue for years…
  • Help EVERYONE (male and female, young and old) feel their absolute best even without frequent exercise or the perfect diet…

“I was very skeptical about this technology until I used it at a health conference for an hour straight. Being under-slept and undernourished, breathing hydrogen gas brought me back to life. I felt clear as if I had a full night of sleep.” – Matt Blackburn

✅ 365-day money back guarantee
✅ Free shipping in the contiguous USA
✅ 99.99% pure hydrogen, no additives needed

This Clinical unit provides a potent dose of hydrogen gas and a high flow rate of 600ml/s (with dual output option). People typically notice benefits in as little as 20 minutes of inhalation therapy.

about Clinical Hydrogen Inhaler

Vital Reaction’s Hydrogen Inhalation Machines use the latest in medical technology to produce fresh hydrogen for optimal health daily. Our clinical inhaler uses Solid Poly Electrolytic technology (SPE) or Proton Exchange Membrane (PEM) techniques which are used as a hydrogen infusion method. This allows the inhaler to produce hydrogen-rich water or gas without residual pollutants like ozone or chlorine.

  • Adjustable Flow Rate: 300 or 600 ml/min
  • Produces Hydrogen Gas and Hydrogen Water
  • Dual Output: Suitable for Two People
  • Silent Operation
  • Can Operate for 8 Hours Without Overheating
  • One-Year Warranty
  • 2-Liter Water Tank
  • Easy-to-read LED Touch Screen
  • Water Quality Sensor
  • No Electrolytes Required
  • PEM Electrolysis Technology
  • Low Water Alert
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