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Neuro-Ocular testing takes only seconds with Reflex Pro, a revolutionary medical app that monitors and evaluates pupillary activity. Use pupillary data to monitor concussions, dysautonomia, visual pursuits, alpha-omega pupil, accommodation, impulse reaction, and more. Reflex Pro is a multi-use clinical hub that helps you track recovery, validate therapies, and be more accurate with rapid neurological testing, all at the tip of your fingers.

The Reflex product suite from Brightlamp, a Purdue University-affiliated company, allows a broad spectrum of medical professionals to securely capture critical diagnostic pupillary light reflex data. Reflex was used to perform a retrospective clinical review of patients cared for in neurological clinics. Results were published in the peer-reviewed journal PubMed:

About reflex pro


Reflex Pro is the standard in Rapid Neurological Evaluation

  • automated neurological detections
  • increased patient outcomes
  • more accurate than hardware

Reflex Pro is the most powerful pupillometer yet. A clinically validated tool that is easy, objective, and repeatable all housed in your clinics iPad Pro. Our convenient barcode scanning system makes data entry fast and simple. Just hold the phone up to your patient’s eye and initiate the test, easy as that.

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