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NeuroConnect allows Carrick Institute doctors to come together to search for common interests. To make a post on NeuroConnect, please read the FAQ.

Seeking Employment

Looking for an Internship – January-April 2024

Kalia Bergmann, – T8 Chiropractic Student

I am Kalia Bergmann, a T8 chiropractic student at NWHSU (Minnesota). I have been the functional neurology club president for five trimesters. I have experience working as a rehab assistant at the functional neurology center in MN.
I am looking for a functional neurology internship from January-April 2024 (with the potential to hire after if it is a good fit).
My interest is working with children, dysautonomia, functional medicine, and/or concussion patients.
Please contact me if you are eager to help develop the next generation in healthcare! I look forward to meeting you and your team soon!

Seeking position as an Associate Chiropractor in the Southern California area

My family and I will be relocating down to this region early next year and I am ready to bring my skills and passion for patient care to your clinic.  I graduated from Western States University in 2015  and have spent the past 7 years working in both high volume wellness based clinics as well as a MVA/PI/WC based functional neurology clinic.  I have experience with general chiropractic concerns such as disc derangement/herniation, scoliosis, and strains & sprains as well as experience with neurological conditions such as POTS, CRPS, concussion, Hemisphericity, and years of experience with vestibular complaints.  I would be happy to send over my CV and references as well as answer any questions over phone ( 971-241-6181) or email (   
Thank you for your time and consideration.
Yours in health,
Dr. Trevor Hollingsworth
Zach Walker DC, DACNB
Seeking associate or possible IC for anyone practicing in the Atlanta/greater Atlanta area. If anyone is looking to bring someone on with chiropractic neurological experience, I would love to talk more. I am a graduate of Life University (2017) and I have had my DACNB for 3 years now as well. I have had my own practice in Chattanooga TN for 2+ years and was practicing in SoCal for about a year too. Looking for a practice that does chiropractic and functional neurology. I love offering the chiropractic side, but for me, every patient is a neuro patient. Athletic performance/injury prevention, balance issues, movement disorders, and mTBIs are probably the patients that I have seen the most, but a lot of other musculoskeletal and neurological issues in between. I would love to talk more or answer any other questions/comments through email, I can also send CV as well.-

Employment Opportunities:

Looking for… 

Concussion & Whiplash Clinic in Tigard Oregon, established in 2003 and owned by Lawrence Nelson, DC, DACNB. 

Concussion & Whiplash Clinic in Tigard Oregon, established in 2003 and owned by Lawrence Nelson, DC, DACNB. 

Current staffing at the clinic includes:

– Lawrence Nelson, DC, DACNB, Board Certified Chiropractic Neurologist, 2003

– A part time chiropractor associate, 

– 3 chiropractic assistants

– 1 administrative associate 

The clinic receives referrals from hospital-based clinics, and neighborhood urgent care clinics associated with Legacy, Providence, and Oregon Health Sciences University systems. 

Services provided include:

– Chiropractic functional neurologic services.

– General chiropractic services.

– Active rehabilitation 

– Home exercises & self-management instruction.

– Mental health testing and counseling

Passive therapies include:

– Pulsed Electromagnetic Field therapy (PEMF).

– Infrared therapy 

– Electrical Stimulation

– Traction

– BrainTap meditation

Benefits included:

– Profit sharing, vacation, health care and others.

– May include partnership or total ownership with a work back with myself to assist in the transition.

How to apply:
Please send email to or Contact Isabell, our office manager at 503-512-5359

web address:

Winchester, Massachusetts practice looking to add a Carrick trained chiropractor for associateship/collaboration into busy Neuro/Sports practice. New graduates welcome.

Winchester, Massachusetts practice looking to add a Carrick trained chiropractor for associateship/collaboration into busy Neuro/Sports practice.

New graduates welcome.
We are a low tech (for now) practice setting within a training facility, and looking to expand into another facility.
We are 60% cash based (a base which is growing) and 40% insurance based.
Training in our systems (neuro/orthopedic/kinesiology with rehabilitative measures) as well as our strength and conditioning models will be provided as needed.
We are looking to add the “higher tech” ideas and techniques to our already existing practice to take the message of Chiropractic Clinical Neuroscience to the next level in the Boston area.
We can be reached at for serious inquiries only, and provide a CV with most recent experience.
Salary and bonus compensation TBD.

Practice for Sale:

Practice for Sale in Healdsburg, California

I feel blessed that I have had the opportunity to live and practice Chiropractic here in Healdsburg, CA for 33 years. It has been a wonderful place to raise my family and enjoy all the wonderful roads, weather, and geography. We are 18 miles to Jenner and the ocean at Hwy 1 via the Redwoods along the Russian River. It is 10 miles via the Dry Creek Valley wine area to Lake Sonoma. It is 150 miles and approximately 3 hours and 40 minutes to the Donner Ski Resort near Lake Tahoe. Healdsburg sits at where Hwy 101 crosses the Russian River; kayaking, canoeing, and fishing a plenty. There are many fantastic roads between Hwy 101 and Hwy 1 to explore, each passing through the Redwood corridor that runs between Hwy 1 and 101. We are 70 miles north of San Francisco about an hour and 15 minutes.

I also feel blessed with the opportunity to have studied with Dr. Ted Carrick at USC in Los Angeles starting in 1990 and at USF in San Francisco in later years. My patients have benefited greatly by his knowledge even though I was only able to utilize a fraction of what was taught. Ted completely changed how I practiced from the first 3 months onwards. I am a Chiropractor first and have used Chiropractic adjusting techniques as well as the techniques taught in the program. My patients are familiar with the terminology and would be open for further and more in depth analysis than I have done thus far. 

An appraisal of my practice was performed and the value was set at $142,000. In 2019, gross receipts were $155,000 and in 2020, they were $138,000 on a 3 ½ day work week. Plenty of room for growth. 

Contact me at 707-696-4942 and please leave a message and I will call back. Email is This is a cash practice yet we still bill for our Medicare patients

Buy/Sell Equipment:

Virtual Reality Rehab Unit – I have a 3 year old virtual reality rehab unit at my office that I am looking to sell. 

My name is Dr. Michael DeCriscio and I am a chiropractic physician Board Certified in Vestibular Rehab in Wake Forest, NC. I have a 3 year old virtual reality rehab unit at my office that I am looking to sell. I have attached the pictures and a Youtube video on the company and equipment. It can be used for neuro as well as orthopedic assessments and rehab. It is very useful to aid in simulating outside environments difficult for the patient to tolerate such as grocery stores and driving with the clinician able to adjust the variables such as the amount of people moving around them etc…It is also useful for memory, motion sensitivity, optokinetic stimulation, hemineglect, and optic flow just to name a few features.
Patients enjoy the system as it is fun, increases compliance, and increases revenue as an additional cash service few to none provide in the area. I am currently revamping my office direction and the equipment does not fit in with my new practice model. Price is $13,500 OBO (purchased for $20k in January of 2020) and license would transfer with no annual fee. 

If you are interested or would like any additional information, please feel to contact me directly at Thanks!


Neuro Gear for the little NeuroNuggets. 


Please visit
Neuro Gear for the little ones.

Credits for Sale:

Credits for Sale:

  • 15 Carrick Institute Clinical Neuroscience credits are for sale for $5400 (individual general tuition value of $8,985), a total savings of $3,585. 
    1 credit is equivalent to 1 module of the clinical neuroscience program. To learn more about the Clinical Neuroscience Program – Click Here
    Interested? Please email Kelsey Scott at 


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