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New Year - New Program Updates! Pain Reset 2.0 & Functional Neurology Essentials

Recommended Courses for Scholars Specializing in Concussion/mTBI

Below you will find the recommended courses for those who are pursuing certification and fellowship status in Concussion/mTBI.

Functional NEurology Essentials 

Functional Neurology Essentials is the fast and most effective way to learn and implement the fundamental principles involved in nervous system optimization & Functional Neurology into their patient care. Learn how to implement Functional Neurology into your practice. 


Pain Reset is the Carrick Institute’s updated 5-day program for clinicians seeking clinical excellence in working musculoskeletal conditions and chronic pain. Pain Reset incorporates neuro-biomechanics, the latest in pain neuroscience and a functional neurology paradigm for a novel and effective model of care.

Clinical Neuroscience Program (CNS – 800 Series)

Scholars from around the world enjoy Carrick Institute’s online self-paced educational offerings. Our clinical neuroscience (CNS) program prepares you for diplomate exam from the ACNB and the fellowship exam from the ACFN while also raising your clinical excellence so you can serve your patients at the highest levels possible.

Vestibular Rehabilitation Certification Program 

Vestibular processing is one of the most highly integrated receptor systems in the human body, which allows it to be utilized in the course of rehabilitation of many seemingly unrelated patient scenarios. This 6-module series will culminate to an understanding of when, why, and how to implement vestibular rehabilitation, through evaluation procedures, biometric technologies, and hands-on applications.

Concussion/mTBI Rehabilitation Certification Program

In our most advanced module series, Prof. Carrick trains healthcare professionals how to understand, examine and treat sports-related concussions/mTBI.  This program is one of immersive integrated clinical education designed to promote mastery of the subject area and long-term learning.

TBI: Advancements in Diagnosis & Treatment

The approach to concussion diagnosis and management has been evolving at an unprecedented rate that demands an update in clinical applications for those healthcare practitioners that attend these patients. Implementation of concussion protocols has been made by a variety of expert committees. These protocols are changing the applications associated with the previous understanding of brain injury and treatment.

The objective of this contemporary updated program is to present the topic of concussion by educational interaction designed to promote the mastery of skills needed to manage concussion in a contemporary fashion.


Carrick Institute is proud to bring you its most advanced specialty program in the field of concussion and mTBI – Functional Neurology Management of Concussion presented by Dr. Matt Antonucci.

With the leadership of Prof. Frederick R. Carrick, the Carrick Institute pioneered the concept of an individualized clinical neuroscience approach in healthcare known as the paradigm of functional neurology. 

This two-level program serves as the pinnacle of our educational offerings. We are ready. Are YOU ready to take your career to the next level?

Brain Dissection with Prof. Carrick: on-demand

Dr. Carrick leads doctors on an exciting journey of function related to structure.  Each area of the brain is carefully dissected, discussed and described in depth by Prof Frederick R. Carrick.

This incredible 25-hour on-demand class will allow you access to the full brain dissection course at your own pace, allowing you to fully grasp the material.  If you missed the brain dissection course in person, or if you want to review, on-demand brain dissection provides an opportunity for long term knowledge retention you can’t get elsewhere.  The course will also include an exam to assess and reinforce the materials covered.

Advanced Clinical Applications of Eye Movements

This clinical applications module is an advanced clinical experience that expands the clinician’s ability to utilize eye movements to understand, diagnose and treat disorders of the nervous system. This clinical module expands and details information that was learned in the Carrick Institute Clinical Applications of Eye Movements module.

The program includes an in-depth understanding of eye movements and brain control as well as eye movements and brain influences. The clinical scholar will be able to understand, develop and apply treatment stratagems specific for individual areas of the nervous system.

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