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Cookie cutter approaches to solving concussions DON’T WORK.

We are leaving the cookie cutter in the clinical pantry with the upcoming Concussion/mTBI Rehabilitation Certification program.

Each patient suffering from concussion is unique in their own way. Different mechanisms of injury, different symptoms and progression of those symptoms, and different means of recovery. In our upcoming Concussion Rehabilitation Series, we eliminate the “one size fits all” approach to concussion care and provide scholars with the advanced knowledge they need to achieve superior clinical outcomes.

The series begins September 13-15th, 2019 in Cape Canaveral, FL. Learning is available onsite and livestream and includes 2 years access to the online, self-paced modules after the course.

For more information and to apply for admissions, visit

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  Transcription: – Professor, every day here at the Carrick Institute we get phone calls from scholars and clinicians calling our faculty for help and support in regards to some of the concussion patients that they’re working with. Obviously, every concussion patient is different from the next one, and that be kind of complex, and sometimes overwhelming for the clinicians. As they go through this program, will they have the skills to be able to work with all these different types of concussion patients? – Well, you know, the cookie cutter is left in the clinical pantry, when it comes to this program. Concussions are suffered by individuals, and individuals have different brains before their concussions. They have different needs. There’s different confounders from gender, to age, to sport, to experience, an understanding of the mechanisms is ultimately at the base of application. Most concussion programs throughout the world, historically, have been the same sort of silo of treatment, whether it be vestibular rehab, or a drug, or an activity, or rest, and one size does not fit all. In other words, the size of the concussion shoe just doesn’t fit the feet of the people that have suffered concussions. So this program is very, very specific to look at what the concussion is, why is it there, and then if these different variables occur with an individual, what will you do to be able to treat them? And I can tell you without equivocation that the basis of our course is the ability to understand the uniqueness, the individuality of people, their injuries, their outcomes, their quantification, and the ability to embrace that in the development, and measurement of the quantifiable aspects of your treatment, your intervention, and it’s really a beautiful thing. So, no cookie cutters, no this is what you do for a concussion. You’re gonna know what you’re gonna do for this concussion, and this concussion, and this concussion, and it’s going to be innately ingrained in your skillsets and it will be exciting, it will be novel, and I am doing cartwheels in my mind just thinking of the outcomes right now.
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