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ISCN 2019 Speaker Highlight: Dr. Donna Kimmaliardjuk

How does cardiac surgery affect your brain? Dr. Donna Kimmaliardjuk will be speaking at this year’s International Symposium on Clinical Neuroscience about the potential neurocognitive side effects of open heart surgery, including both drastic and subtle changes. For more information, visit #ISCN2019 #carricktrained #carrickinsight #neuroscience #neurology #symposium #cardiacsurgery #openheartsurgery #brainhealth   – Hello, my name is Dr.Freddys Garcia, today we’re joined by Dr.Kimmaliardjuk, Dr.Kimmaliardjuk, how are you doing today? – Great thanks, how are you? – I am super. I’m excited to get you on video here because you are presenting at the 2019 ISCN, the international symposium on clinical neuroscience, and we’re excited to have you there. – Oh great, I’m excited to be there. – You may be new to some of our scholars, would you mind telling us a little bit about yourself please? – Sure, so I am the chief cardiac surgery resident at the University of Ottawa Heart Institute, so I specialize in open heart surgery. – Wow, okay, very impressive. The next question I have for you is what is the topic that you chose for the 2019 ISCN, and why? – So the title of my presentation is “We fixed your heart, “but have we hurt your brain?” And It’s really going to be looking at the interplay of cardiac surgery, and the changes or the problems that it causes for some folks, especially neuro-cognitively, after open heart surgery, so we’ll kind of be touching on stroke, which we know can be a major consequence of open heart surgery, but also some of the more subtle changes that patients experience after surgery, something termed “pump head”, and It’s not really well documented or really well understood, and I think It’s quite important that we address this; both as cardiac surgeons, but as other doctors, especially family doctors and neurologists, so we can, you know, give the best treatment available to our patients after undergoing major surgery. – Wow, this is impressive, and this is new to me, so you’ve already piqued my interest, and I think you’re going to pique the interest of all the scholars and the delegates that are going to be attending the ISCN. Dr.Kimmaliardjuk, thank you very much for your time today, we’re excited to see your presentation, again It’s May 24th through 26th in Orlando, Florida. Thank you for your time again, and we’ll see you then. – Thank you so much.
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