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Neurology Primer – Ketones and Traumatic Brain Injury


Ketones and Traumatic Brain Injury

Traumatic brain injury (TBI) is becoming more common and nutrition can play a large role post injury and potentially before. When a TBI occurs, the brain has to rapidly deal with two massive issues: The first is the metabolic insult via glucose metabolism going “offline” thus imparting an energy crisis. The brain loves to use glucose as its primary fuel, but after a TBI the metabolic pathways that are typically used to create energy from glucose are disrupted. The second is the potential opening of the blood brain barrier (BBB) and neuro-inflammation. An impact/ insult to the brain can cause the BBB to become more permeable and allow compounds into the brain that are normally kept out by an intact / functioning BBB. These compounds result in a much higher amount of neuro-inflammation. Nutritional strategies may combat both of these issues. In this lecture, we will discuss the role of ketones via diet and supplementation as a potential intervention.

Understanding the relationship between brain injury and nutritional interventions, especially a ketogenic diet to increase ketone bodies, allows clinicians to determine what is best for the patient and their course of therapy.  Once completed, learners will have thorough understanding of the role of a ketogenic diet / ketones upon brain metabolism related to TBI and basic neurology.  

Who is it for?

Licensed medical professionals who want a multi-prong approach to helping patients suffering from traumatic brain injury or concussion. Including audiologists, physical therapists, physical therapist assistants, occupational therapists, chiropractors, physicians, and physician assistants.

Dr. Mike Nelson


Enjoy this video interview of Dr. Mike T. Nelson, as recorded by Dr. Freddys Garcia.  They discuss ketones and traumatic Brain Injury.

Dr. Mike T. Nelson has a PhD in Exercise Physiology from the University of Minnesota, a MS in Mechanical Engineering (biomechanics) from Michigan Tech and a BA in Natural Science.  He’s an instructor for Globe University and has published research in both physiology and engineering peer reviewed journals.

Topics Covered

  • The Ketogenic Diet
    • 3 types of ketone bodies
    • Metabolism of a ketogenic state in the brain and the body
    • Impact of injury to the brain related to metabolism
    • Metabolic fuel selection 101 from fat to ketones to carbs
    • The misunderstood role of insulin
    • 4S model of metabolism
    • Neuro inflammation
    • and More! 

Included In Your Tuition

  • 8 hours of training with Dr. Mike Nelson
  • LIFETIME access to the digital recording of the class
  • Any future updates to the course videos or other materials
  • Re-attendance for life*
  • 8 Neurology Hours towards the ACFN (American College of Functional Neurology) & ACNB (American Chiropractic Neurology Board) with each module
  • Access to the flipped classroom with lifetime updates
  • 3 months of unlimited access to Medline upon completion of the module.

Learn via Online, Self-Paced Learning

Neurology Hours

This course is worth 8 hours for the ACNB & ACFN. You will have 1 full year of access for this module, for credit. After you will have lifetime access to review. This course will be automatically added to your portal upon purchase. You will be contacted by email with instructions on how to access the course.

Online, Self-Paced

This module is eligible to complete at your own pace on your own time. You will receive lifetime access to this module as well as lifetime re-attendance.

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