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Mastery of Peripheral Neuropathy

Learn modern strategies for assessing and treating peripheral neuropathies from Dr. David Clark, Assistant Professor of Neurochemistry.

This three-day immersive course will provide attendees with three modern approaches for solving peripheral neuropathies in their patients. Scholars will learn the physical medical approach for diagnosis and examination, the nutritional and neurochemistry approach, including knowledge of which labs to run and how to read the results, and a neurological approach for determining the longitudinal levels of the neurological lesion and strategies for applying clinical neuroscience with this population.

This course combines the clinical neuroscience and the neurochemistry that you need to treat peripheral neuropathies in your practice.

In this program, you will learn:

  • The Basic Common Mechanism in ALL forms of PN
  • A 10 second analysis of the patient’s symptoms that get you 85% of the diagnosis
  • The 4 Cardinal patterns of PN
  • The FIVE most common causes of a Peripheral Neuropathy and how to treat them.
  • PN Basics
    • Nerve Fiber types and why they matter to you
    • Positive and Negative Signs of PN
    • Patterns of Sensory and Motor Loss
  • Microglia in the Spinal Cord
  • Mechanisms of Neuropathic pain
  • The Neuropathic Pain Triad
  • Type 2 Diabetic Neuropathy
  • Autonomic Neuropathy
  • Nutritional deficiencies
  • Neuropathies in Systemic disease
  • Hereditary Neuropathy
  • Chemotherapy Induced Neuropathy
  • Autoimmunity in Peripheral Neuropathy
  • The role of gluten and Celiac Disease
  • Compression syndromes
  • Statins and neuropathy

  • Mitochondria and Oxidation 
  • Lab Assessment–What tests to order for PN and what to leave out
  • Blood chemistry – how to interpret blood sugar sugar markers and other items that are relevant to PN
  • Physical and Neurological Examination for Peripheral Neuropathy
  • An accurate method for measuring vibration sensation
  • Tons of cases so you can internalize the material and use it on Monday.
  • 14 Treatment Principles–the Bible (if you will)
  • Diet–EXACTLY what to do for what you find wrong
  • Stress Reduction–something that actually works
  • Exercise
  • Specific Therapies to Use for PN
  • Effective clinically proven protocols for each category of Peripheral Neuropathy
  • Learn how to Assess for Longitudinal Level of the Lesion
  • Examination, Diagnosis, and Management of Dysautonomia 
  • Assessment of Lobes of the Brain- Parietal, Frontal, Temporal, Occipital 
  • Neuro-sensory examination techniques 
  • Cerebellar and Vestibular testing and rehabilitation 
  • Eye movement analysis and rehabilitation strategies 

Mastery of Peripheral Neuropathy offers effective evidence-based solutions.

This program provides the most modern and evidence-based methods using a 3-prong approach of physical medicine, Clinical Neuroscience and Neurochemistry. This is an A to Z program, meaning even if you have never worked patients who suffer from peripheral neuropathy, you will be empowered with the skills you need to help them after this 3-day module. 


Scholars Enrolled in This Program will Receive:

  • 3 Days of Online, Self-Paced Training with Dr. David Clark
  • 25 Neurology Hours towards the ACNB (American Chiropractic Neurology Board) & ACFN (American College of Functional Neurology)
  • LIFETIME access to the digital recording of the class
  • Re-attendance for life – Retake the class on-site, via livestream or via online, self-paced learning as many times as you’d like for attendance hours.
  • Access to the flipped classroom – including future updates to the course videos and other materials
  • 3 months of unlimited access to Medline upon completion of the module
  • An Invitation to the Private Neurochemistry Facebook Group


Tuition: $1400

**NEW** Split Pay Options now available upon checkout. Split the tuition into two payments.

Online, Self-Paced Learning

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