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Neurology Primer - Neuroscience of Breathwork

What is the Neuroscience of Breathwork?

Breathwork practices have an extensive history dating back hundreds of years across several cultures. Many practices have compelling anecdotes of using consciously altered breathing patterns to achieve inner peace, improve athletic performance, and even explore altered states of consciousness.

While modern medicine has isolated the art and science of breathing into the realm of pulmonary disorders, there’s been a recent resurgence in exploring how breathwork can have profound effects on the body and mind. This movement has been heavily lead by yogis and other mind/body practitioners and many of the proposed benefits have been anecdotal and rooted in tradition.

At the same time, there’s been a large interest in the use of breathwork in the fields of sports science and neuroscience that have revealed the underlying mechanisms behind these ancient practices.

Who is this class for?


The healthcare professionals that can attend this program are MD, DC, DO, PT, OT, ATC, LMT, ND, LAc, PA, NP, and CA (If accompanied by DC).  

The Treatment Approach Taught in Neuroscience of Breathwork

In this course, we will dive into the origins of popular breath practices and what modern physiologic and neuroscientific studies tell us about their impact on the nervous system. This course was designed for therapists and health care practitioners who are interested in the scientific aspects of breath practices, but have been reluctant because of the spiritual associations with some of these practices.

Course Objectives

After taking this course, learners will be able to:

Understand the most popular forms of modern breath practices
Describe, assess, and treat signs of dysfunctional breathing patterns
Describe neurologic and physiologic mechanisms involved in styles of breath practice including:

- Slow deep breathing
- Cyclic hyperventilation
- Nasal breathing
- Breath hold and hypoxic training
- Inspiratory resistance training

Understand heart rate variability biofeedback and how to use biofeedback to enhance breath practice

Prescribe specific breathing practices based on different clinical presentations

Presenting Faculty
Dr. Jonathan Chung, DC, DACNB, FABBIR

Dr. Jonathan Chung is a Board Certified Chiropractic Neurologist and upper cervical chiropractor based out of Wellington, FL. He is the owner and clinical director of Keystone Chiropractic and Neuroplasticity where he has a clinical focus on patients with traumatic brain injury, vestibular disorders, and dysautonomia.

Dr. Chung received his undergraduate degree in Microbiology/Molecular Biology from the University of Central Florida and his Doctorate of Chiropractic from Life University. He received his post-graduate training in clinical neuroscience from the Carrick Institute where he completed a Fellowship in the American Board of Brain Injury and Rehabilitation.

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Course Information

Course Level
Beginner / Intermediate


Included In Your Tuition
8 Neurology Hours - Approved for ACNB & ACFN

Receive any future updates to the course videos or other materials
All-Access to the digital recording of the class

All-Access to the flipped classroom material and online videos, including updates. The clinical applications will be organized and updated so you can easily find them, review them, and implement them in practice.
Re-attendance – Retake the class on-site, via Livestream, or via online, self-paced learning as many times as you’d like as an audit.*

3 months of unlimited access to Medline

Re-attendance policy: Scholars who have registered and completed this program have the ability to re-attend the course with no additional fee. When re-attending a course, the scholar will not receive continuing education credits and will receive an audit. Carrick Institute is not responsible for providing new materials for class audits, including but not limited to manuals, shirts, equipment, etc. If manuals have been updated since the original attendance date, the updated materials will be available via PDF on the scholar’s online portal. If the scholar would like to purchase a new paper manual, they may do so before the course start date.

Due to the limited seats for this program. Re-attendance for this in-person module is only available for registration 14 days in advance. If you would like to reserve a seat for this course please email

The All-access and re-attendance as part of your  tuition are specific to this program. The re-attendance is considered an audit of the course material and does not yield CE or CEU credits. It does transfer to other programs offered by the Carrick Institute.


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Continuing Education​

Continuing education requirements to maintain certification status through a professional association are usually separate from the state board’s requirements. In order to maintain your certification status in your state please submit a State Continuing Education Application Form.

*We cannot guarantee approval for individual state CEUS. Each state has different rules and regulations. State Applications need to be submitted at least 90 days prior to the state date of your course*

Recertification / Diplomate Requirements: All Carrick Institute courses are approved by the ACFN & ACNB.

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