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Important RBE Information

Please review the materials needed to bring/download before class. It’s important that you download the apps linked below before class.

If you have, please bring:

  • Smartphone and or iPad
  • Ophthalmoscopes/Otoscopes
  • Personal Ear Buds
  • Reflex Hammer

About ISCN 2022

ISCN provides an opportunity to connect your organization’s technologies with attendees from all over the globe. Join us as a sponsor or an exhibitor to showcase and introduce your products, and services. You will have the opportunity to connect with many physicians and other healthcare providers.

On May 27-29, 2022 top scientists and clinicians from around the world will be sharing the stage with Carrick Institute faculty at the International Symposium on Clinical Neuroscience.
The International Symposium on Clinical Neuroscience’s (ISCN) annual conference gathers the leading physicians and researchers in the field, to share their work and understandings of pivotal concepts in clinical neuroscience and healthcare. This attracts a very vibrant audience from all around the world who are looking for the best in clinical education, services, and resources.

Course Completion Steps & Information

1. Flipped Classroom

Your flipped classroom has been added to your online learning portal. Your flipped classroom includes relevant research articles, videos, and materials you need to prepare for your 4-day live course.

2. Apply for Recertification Continuing Education

Recertification / Diplomate Requirement CE - This course is approved for continuing education hours towards the ACNB and ACFN. Carrick Institute is a proud sponsor of the ACA and the leading education provider for the ACNB and ACFN.

2a. Apply for State Continuing Education

State CE - If you need state CEUS, please apply with the link below. We cannot guarantee approval for individual state CEUS. Each state has different rules and regulations.

3. Online Day 5 Material

After completion of the 4-day course, you will receive access to your day 5 online material, including the final examination. Complete your online material and examination whenever you feel ready!

4. Certification Steps

After completion of your examination, schedule your call with one of our faculty advisors. A faculty advisor will go over your examination, answer any final questions, confirm your name for your certificate and, discuss your next steps!


Once you have passed and are eligible for a certificate, you will be prompted to fill out a certificate request.

Course // Schedule

Day 1 schedule - Thurs.

Day 2 schedule - Fri.

Day 3 schedule - SAt.

Day 4 schedule - Sun.

We Have The Answers

Ask Us Anything

Yes, all participants must sign in and out daily in order to receive full credit for their attendance. All modules are monitored by an assigned class registrar. If a scholar is not present, the registrar will note this information on the class roster. If you do not check in and out daily, you will not receive credit for for your attendance.

No. If you have previously received credit for ReceptorBased Essentials, you are not eligible for a Proof of Attendance/Neurology hours as your attendance is considered an audit.

*Please note; Audits do not produce CE hours; you will not receive Neurology CE, ACNB, or ACFN hours for this course since you have completed and received credit for it in the past.
To view full Terms & Conditions, click here.

Please, dress comfortably as you will be moving around during this course.


We Want To Thank You For Choosing The Carrick Institute For Your Neurology Education. - Carrick Institute #CarrickTrained

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