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825 – Introduction to ReceptorBased Rehabilitation On-Demand


Module 825 of the Clinical Neuroscience Program.

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Professors: Dr. Freddys Garcia and Dr. Matthew Antonucci 

Course Objectives:

This program focuses on some practical and effective ways of applying Clinical Neuroscience for the practicing clinician.  Participants will learn how, when and why to utilize clinical neuroscience and receptor-based neurological stimulation.

  • Learn about Clinical Neuroscience, its foundational concepts and why it will transform your practice.
  • Learn assessments and tests to get insight into a patient’s neurological presentation.
  • Take advantage of case-based learning by reviewing Dr. Carrick’s patient videos demonstrating how he reached his diagnosis and his treatment approach.
  • See clinical neuroscience applications that you can apply with your patients.

Credit Hours: 15

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