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Acupuncture & Neurology – The Integration of Chinese Medicine and Clinical Neuroscience On-Demand


This course is worth 15 Credit Hours.

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Carrick Institute is proud to bring you an exciting new event: Acupuncture & Neurology – The Integration of Chinese Medicine and Clinical Neuroscience taught by Dr. Amy Moll, Assistant Professor of Acupuncture! This program was designed for the Acupuncturist/Chinese medicine practitioner who wants to begin implementing functional neurology in their clinical practice.

Patient healthcare is becoming increasingly more complex as patients are simultaneously experiencing a multitude of illnesses, disorders, and disease. Neurological disorders are on the rise in all age groups and neurodegenerative diseases are showing up in adults earlier than previously seen. Additionally, many of the conditions that acupuncturists treat on a daily basis are influenced by the nervous system.  The modern acupuncturist must know how to assess and influence the nervous of their patients, and this program will teach you to do that with the tools you have and new tools we will be adding to your toolbox.

Following this 2-day course, that is both lecture and hands-on practice, learners will have new methods for assessing patients and increased confidence in working with patients with neurologically influenced disorders.  This Carrick Institute course will enhance your effectiveness through the integration of applied clinical neuroscience and Chinese medicine. Bring your practice to a whole new level of skill and expertise.

Dr. Amy Moll

The 2-day class will address all of the following critical topics:

  • Clinical neurology as an integral aspect of Chinese medicine
  • Introduction of the concept of longitudinal levels of lesion
  • Functions of the lobes of the brain
  • Clinical assessments for the frontal lobes, cerebellum, and brainstem
  • Practice sessions for bedside examination techniques
  • Clinical applications of a cranial nerve exam
  • Case studies
  • Clinical gems
  • Modern brain imaging research in acupuncture


Credit Hours: 15

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