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Advanced Chiropractic Techniques with Prof. Carrick


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Prof. Carrick is a master of joint manipulations and adjustments. You will learn the modern and novel techniques he uses that has gained him worldwide recognition from patients and athletes from around the globe. More importantly, he will teach you how and when to use each technique based on their physical AND neurological examination, which is a missing key to the success of your adjustments.
The goal of this module is to educate the participants in the importance of chiropractic adjusting technique as it pertains to the practice of chiropractic. Emphasis will be placed on information pertaining to the clinical applicableness of chiropractic technique as it relates to expressive nature of human function and interaction. Further emphasis will be placed on the multi-modal integrative aspect of human function and its relationship to disease and human suffering. Of particular importance and interest is hands on nature of the program. The basic aspects of neuroscience as it pertains to chiropractic technique will be the center of discussion for this module as to provide a solid foundation for the learner to build more complex clinical applications. The goal of this module is for the learner to increase his/her skill levels in performing osseous adjustments of human joint articulations and muscles.
*This charge will be non-refundable / non-transferrable.

Prof. Frederick R. Carrick

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