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July 21-23, 2023 | Orlando, FL
Registration is Now Open! 


July 21-23, 2023 | Orlando, FL
Registration is Now Open! 

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Concussion Bootcamp (515)


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What is Concussion Bootcamp? A concussion is affecting the world at pandemic proportions, with research estimating approximately one in 10 people sustains one or more each year. The concussion Boot Camp course by the Carrick Institute provides healthcare practitioners a broad, hands-on, scoping update on the diagnosis and management of concussions in the acute and subacute phases and some promising exploratory domains for assessment and rehabilitation. WHO IS THIS CLASS FOR? Concussion Bootcamp will appeal to all healthcare providers with a passion for helping patients with concussions, regardless of their educational background. THE TREATMENT APPROACH TAUGHT IN CONCUSSION BOOTCAMP With over 30 official “unified” definitions, no published standard approach to diagnosis or rehabilitation, concussions are confusing everyone. Meanwhile, best estimates suggest that in any particular year, 1 in 10 people will sustain a concussion. Due to a lack of public education causing underreporting, a precise definition, standard of care, and inadequate data collection, the actual number of concussions that occur each year may never be discovered. This 2-day, hands-on, high-level and fast-paced workshop will teach the delegate the 7 major profiles or phenotypes of concussion, how to assess each, understand the pathology associated with each, then craft customized training exercises to rehabilitate or enhance neurological function in patients from pediatrics to geriatrics, and professional athletes.

Concussion Bootcamp Course Objectives

THE FOUNDATION – The functional neurology paradigm – Establishing a singular unified definition of mTBI and concussion – Review epidemiology of mTBI and concussion – Summarize pivotal components of concussion pathophysiology – Identify the 7 phenotypes of concussion – Understanding and evaluating the hierarchy of main senses for optimal brain function – Discuss the types of data collection needed for concussion evaluation PREDICTING CONCUSSION AND PERSISTING SYMPTOMS – Sensory Seeking Behavior – Resilience – Predisposing Factors – Collection of helpful baseline data TIME OF IMPACT – Time of Impact Procedures – Criteria for Hospital Transport and Imaging – Symptom Assessment and Acute Management – Is rest best? AFFECT, PERCEIVED STRESS, SLEEP, AND AUTONOMIC FUNCTION – Measuring Perception: The Neural Space – The Effect of Affect and Stress on – Concussion Recovery – Screening for Sleep Disturbance – Screening for Autonomic Dysfunction – Orthostasis and Concussion VESTIBULAR FUNCTION – Understand the vestibular system, its integration, and contribution to human function – Assessing vestibular function – Fundamental Vestibular training SOMATESTHESIA AND MOVEMENT – How sensory processing contribute to spatial awareness, cognition, and motor function – Ego/Allocentric Space – Assessing proprioception and spatial awareness – Modalities to modify or modulate ego/allo- spatial perception VISION – Identifying components of vision and oculomotor function integral to optimal function – Assessing visual processing and oculomotor function – Implementing basic orthoptic and neuro visual training COGNITION AND SENSORY-MOTOR PROCESSING – The core tenants of cognitive processing – Domains of cognition – Assessing cognition – Training sensory-motor integration

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Internet Live-Stream, Online Self-Paced, Onsite

Conc Bootcamp Location

Digital Access Pending + Arizona – August 5-6, 2023, Digital Access Pending + Cape Canaveral – April 29-30, 2023, Digital Access Pending + Minnesota – July 29-30, 2023, Digital Access Pending + Pick Location Later, Digital Access Pending + Livestream EST April 29-30, 2023, Digital Access Pending + Montreal, QB – November 18-19, 2023

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