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Vielight® PBM with QuietMind FDN

Carrick Institute has partnered with the QuietMIND Foundation as its provider of the Vielight® photobiomodulation technology. We chose them for their commitment to clinical support and research.

Carrick Institute has arranged for special pricing and support for Scholars and patients seeking to use Vielight’s suite of LED-based near-infrared photobiomodulation (PBM) devices as part of a functional neurorehabilitation treatment plan. Vielight intends to help build out a suite of photobiomodulation tools to complement Functional neurology clinical practice.
Carrick Scholars wishing to purchase equipment should use the CS2021 coupon code at checkout. The 6-month 80% refund policy that has made these products such an easy purchase decision will be honored by Quietmind Foundation. Vielight has been a pioneering force in combining high-level consumer product design and clinical research on the use of photobiomodulation for improving general wellness and mental acuity. Their technology combines ease of use with simple yet sturdy design features that can offer years of professional-grade results from a very affordable device. They were leaders in combining transcranial and intranasal therapy in a single device, thereby allowing for the direct stimulation of both cortical cells and free-floating mitochondria in the blood. This type of stimulation has been shown to help with reducing inflammation in the brain and elsewhere. The absence of any heat being released by this stimulation makes it ideal for treating deeper parts of the brain and the cortex. QMF is a public nonprofit chartered in Pennsylvania, a clinical research center and integrative healthcare practice in 2000. QMF helped introduce Vielight to the use of Quantitative EEG brain mapping and neurofeedback (NFB) in 2017 and has been collaborating with the senior leadership to promote the integration of PBM and NFB. We are strongly committed to advancing the integration of light and other noninvasive directed-energy therapeutics into mainstream healthcare. Working with the Carrick Scholars is a great opportunity to move this agenda forward, and we grateful to the CI leadership for their participation. Scholars and patients are invited to share thoughts and questions with us via email ( We are hoping that there will be sufficient interest in these tools so that we can conduct clinical trials on the efficacy of these forms of stimulation in the context of CN therapeutics.
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