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Vielight® PBM with QuietMind FDN

Carrick Institute has partnered with the QuietMIND Foundation as its provider of the Vielight® photobiomodulation technology. We chose them for their commitment to clinical support and research.


Carrick Institute has arranged special pricing for Carrick Institute scholars. Please email to access special pricing.

Vielight technology combines engineering with research to create photobiomodulation-based neurotechnology devices that improve mental acuity and general wellness.

In the world of brain photobiomodulation technology and research, Vielight leads the way. Our proprietary transcranial-intranasal design offers an unparalleled advantage for comprehensive brain stimulation. Our devices are used worldwide, from major organizations to individuals from all walks of life.

Vielight brain photobiomodulation devices combine electrical engineering and neuroscience. Our technology offers several advantages over other photobiomodulation devices. Microchip-boosted cold LED diodes generate substantial power without releasing heat, enabling direct contact with the body’s surface to maximize energy transmission and penetration. Patented intranasal photobiomodulation technology uniquely stimulates the underside (ventral area) of the brain, which contains important areas otherwise unreachable transcranially.

QuietMIND Foundation is a public non-profit research foundation and an outpatient healthcare practice. Our staff includes internationally recognized, highly-trained, professionals drawn from the fields of biofeedback and neuropsychology, neurophysiology, functional medicine, neuropsychiatry, neuroscience research, organizational consulting, and the law. We also rely on the skills of staff and professionally trained volunteers to design and deliver our marketing and advertising campaigns, and perform some of our administrative functions. We have a national and worldwide network of professionals we consult with to assist us. ​We actively train and involve our interns in the fundamental work necessary for developing and conducting applied clinical research projects including writing grant proposals, educational programs and maintaining our library and institutional contacts.

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