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Jon Chung


“Just as a cool thing that never would have happened without RBE. Recently started taking care of a wealthy Parkinson’s patient for low back pain. His professional caretaker wanted more for him and wanted time to work on brain and movement rehab. He can’t get to the office so they elected to pay me a lot to make house calls. His gait and cognition has improved a lot despite some continued autonomic breakdown and the caretaker has been thrilled with me and wants me to do more work with her other patients with neurodegenerative disease. She called and scheduled a patient with early stage Alzheimer’s for 2 weeks. RBE has made a massive return on investment just from delivering results with this one patient”

“Thank you, thank you, thank you to the Carrick Institute for decades of phenomenal education. I cannot tell you how many medical doctors in my area are telling my patients that they agree with what I have said 100% and they should follow up with me.
I can honestly say that in 34 years of practice I have never taken any kind of practice building seminar. I have never needed to or had the desire to acquire a false hype. Nothing inspires a treating physician more than feeling confident in what they do and truly helping their patients.”

Robert Bates


Russ Hornstein


“I remember watching Ted do an exam where nearly every test revealed dramatic pathology and he would say ‘excellent’, ‘that’s great’. In the class, we were laughing at the irony of it and someone asked why he was saying it was good. Ted said “it’s fantastic, it is leading me to an understanding of what is going on”. It was that attitude and demeanor that I took into my practice. Information is just that. Having the desire and courage to connect the dots in a widely unknown universe, attempt to draw a map, use that map, refine the map and to share it is the work of explorers. This is a most admirable Carrick-teristic.”

“RBE is the course I have been looking for! As a Neuro physical therapist I treat predominately concussion and individuals living with neurological diagnosis – I was CRAVING a deeper understanding of the intricacies of the brain ~ the connections ~ how they related to function and how I can better SPECIFY my assessment/treatment to address what I was seeing in my clients. RBE has given me that! This program has, without a doubt, made me a stronger practitioner. I would recommend this course to any practitioner who wants to have a better understanding of how their modalities influence the nervous system and thus their patients.”

Natasha Wilch

Physical Therapist

Mike Kennedy


“A mother brought in her 9 year old boy because he was pulling out his hair and eyebrows when he got nervous and frustrated. Discovered he had ATNR primitive reflex and finger tapping was slower with hesitation on the right. Had him do Stroop, lizard, heart math, laser, and supplements. 3 months later he has stopped pulling out his hair and eyebrows and both have grown back. I had tried to treat him about three years ago without success. RBE has given me the tools to help so many more patients. Thank you Matt Antonucci, Adam Klotzek, and Freddys X. Garcia for putting this program together. Also thank younTrevor Eason for teaching in Chicago.”

“Much thanks to Dr.Matt Antonucci and Dr.Adam Klotzek for the knowledge they are bestowing on practicing docs like myself. A couple recent examples in my practice, a local neurologist referred a patient to me for left sided vestibular hypo function ie. Decompensation. Also a mother brought her 8 year old daughter in for treatment of recurring right ankle and foot fractures and sprains after 2 years of casting and rehabilitation with no results. I diagnosed and treated rt. PMRF decompensation and getting results in the first week.”

Ed Bull


Denise Primavera


“The Mastering Migraine program was a great investment in my clinical education. I feel much more confident treating migraine patients now and I have a structure that I can apply to their evaluation and treatment that will give me more consistent results. Dr. Harcourt’s presentations not only helped us treat migraine, but also built our knowledge of clinical neuroscience. I highly recommend this course series.”

“If functional neurology excites you and you understand that a multi-modal approach is needed to address system based problems in you patients, then you will love this coarse. I have no hesitation in recommending this program to any of my Chiropractic Colleagues it truly delivers!”

Craig Walsham


Ray Pursell


“As after many Carrick Institute learning experiences I feel like my eyes have been opened. Things that previously have slipped by unnoticed now jump out at me. I was blind but now I see. Sometimes it’s now so apparent it startles me.”

“Once again Dr. Carrick’s and the Carrick’s institute through their ability to teach challenging concepts and to translate that teaching into action rapidly, grant us with the ultimate competitive advantage. Beside his usual barrage of knowledge Dr. Carrick show us a passion for learning a new and better way to execute the art and science of Joint Manipulation. He taught a different approach to assessments and treatments and remind all of us that if we approach things in a novel way we will never cease to grow. Today I am a better doctor and I have been blessed to learn valuable lessons from Dr. Carrick.”

Amalio Jimenez


Francis Ménard

Terrebonne, QC, Canada

 RBE is a must for any chiropractor who wants to understand why chiropractic works and how to harness the notions of functionnal neurology. It’s a great hands-on experience with tools you can use on monday morning. It’s no gimmick. This was my first contact with Functional Neurology, being in practice for 17 years, AND with only 2 modules done, I helped an elderly patient get rid of her longstanding headaches/dizziness post-concussion in 2 visits!!! I am by no means a functionnal neurologist but I sure have enough notions to start down that path, helping a lot of patients along the way! Thanks- Dr. Francis Ménard, Terrebonne, QC, Canada

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