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– Functional neurology management of Concussion 
– Concussion Bootcamp

July 21-23, 2023 | Orlando, FL
Registration is Now Open! 

New Year - New Program Updates! Pain Reset 2.0 & Functional Neurology Essentials

Thank You Movement Disorders Special

Thank you so much for your interest! Due to the demand, our learner management system has reached its limit in being able to add scholars to this video case review. 

We are working on trying to add more room for more scholars.  Sorry for the inconvenience.  We never anticipated such a large response. 

If you’d like to learn more and register for the Movement Disorders Program, keep on reading!
  • $700 off the 4 Module Movement Disorders Series Bundle
  • $100 off any Movement Disorders online self-paced module

Prof Carrick has attended patients with movement disorders from around the globe for 37 years and is regarded as a clinical expert in the diagnosis and treatment of these conditions.

Our program is a current exposure of movement disorders based upon a patient-centered paradigm of treatment. We will be expanding your clinical acumen and abilities to make a difference in the lives of patients with a variety of movement disorders from dystonia, Parkinson’s disease, neurodegeneration, stroke, gait abnormalities, Tourette’s syndrome and much more.

Prof Carrick’s treatment applications are legend throughout the world and he attracts referrals from leading institutions and specialists for his novel and innovative treatments that are oftentimes successful in these difficult cases.

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