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Upcoming Concussion/mTBI program: What it means for you practice.

  What can a scholar expect for their practice once they have received certification in concussion rehabilitation? Prof. Carrick paints a picture of what to expect from your practice after taking the upcoming Concussion/mTBI Rehabilitation Certification program. For more information, visit #carricktrained #carrickinstitute #carrick #neuroscience #concussion #TBI #headinjury #concussion   Transcription: – Professor Carrick, this concussion rehabilitation program, it’s rigorous, it’s deep, and it definitely takes scholar’s commitment. What can a scholar expect for their practice after they achieved certification? – Well, it really is a question on, y’ know, receiving on investments. Are you, are you gonna have an investment that’s going to pay you back? The time is phenomenal in this program. It’s not cheap. What’re you gonna get back? I know what you’re gonna get back, and that is referrals, and your practice is going to grow. I can tell you that, unequivocally, because of the number of calls that we have begging for referrals to trained people. And unfortunately, we just don’t have that many trained people around the planet. Of all disciplines. When individuals put an investment of their time and finances into this program, they will be qualified to make a difference in the treatment of concussions, I would suggest at a higher level than they could’ve before but also superior to most other clinicians and as a consequence, we’ve got the patient base for them. Their practices should grow and I would say that the return on investment, it should be realized rather quickly. And I think that’s important, I think it’s important to say that. I know that people don’t enter into these programs just to make money, for instance, there’s a consequence of serving and people that don’t have that is not gonna do well with our program. But the people that do have it are probably gonna get their return on investment back, a multiple, multiple times. And what we’ve seen is that people that understand how to do the things that we do not only do they increase their practice numbers, but they change the face and the flavor of the practice due to attracting more of these people and that’s a brilliant thing, a brilliant, brilliant thing.
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