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Welcome to the Clinical Neuroscience Program

Welcome to the Clinical Neuroscience Program:

40 years of Experience in Clinical Neuroscience Education

The most comprehensive program available for those seeking neuroscience education

Practical, hands-on applications in every module

Highest pass rates on diplomate and fellowship examinations

Courses begin this summer and are available for on site, live stream and on demand. See you there!

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Transcription: – Hi, my name’s Dr. Klotzek. – And my name is Dr. Lofgren and we would like to invite you to our upcoming Clinical Neuroscience program. – So the purpose of the program is two-fold, is to provide those individuals who are seeking to sit for their diplomate and fellowship exams preparation and number two, for those clinicians seeking mastery in applying Clinical Neuroscience. – The program will be available onsite, livestream, and on demand. We look forward to seeing you there.
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