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Neuronic: Pioneers in Photobiomodulation Technology for Brain Health

Neuronic is an innovative company, dedicated to developing home-use brain light therapy devices that utilize the latest in photobiomodulation technology to improve cognitive function and overall brain health.

At the forefront of this cutting-edge field, Neuronic is advancing both the fields of photobiomodulation and neurofeedback to help people dealing with cognitive issues. Since no two brains are alike, Neuronic also offers a consultation service designed to provide personalized support tailored to their customers’ needs based on Quantitative EEG (qEEG) results and personal history.

About Neuronic: Pioneers in Photobiomodulation Technology for Brain Health

The Neuradiant 1070: Advancing Cognitive Performance with Transcranial Photobiomodulation

Neuronic’s flagship product, the Neuradiant 1070, is a non-invasive transcranial photobiomodulation device that utilizes 1070nm near-infrared light to activate molecules that improve blood flow, reduce inflammation, and increase cellular energy. According to applied clinical research, this wavelength has been shown to increase cognitive performance.

In the video below, Marvin Berman, Ph.D., one of the co-founders of Neuronic, speaks about the Neuradiant 1070, its pre-set programs, and how the 4-quadrant control capability works for targeting specific areas of the brain, according to one’s needs. You will also learn about the studies conducted on the 1070nm wavelength applied to patients with dementia: 

Jesse’s and Allison’s Story with the Neuradiant 1070

Neuronic is proud to present the inspiring story of Jesse and Allison, who bravely faced the challenges of a serious medical condition. In the video, you will witness Jesse’s journey of struggling with a blood infection that spread to his aorta, causing a series of mini-strokes and brain emboli.

However, the story doesn’t end there. With the help of Dr. Marvin Berman of Neuronic and the Neuradiant 1070 technology, Jesse was able to fully recover. 

Thanks to this photobiomodulation treatment, Jesse’s cognitive performance improved significantly, and he is doing way better now. Listen to their story below:

Resources for Brain Health Education & Awareness from Neuronic

Neuronic is also committed to promoting awareness and education about the benefits of brain light therapy. Their website provides a wealth of valuable resources, comprising scientifically-backed research, customer testimonials, and an insightful blog devoted to keeping consumers informed about the latest advancements in the field of brain health.

If you’re seeking to improve your brain health and achieve optimal well-being, consider turning to Neuronic, and enjoy a 5% discount from the Carrick Institute when purchasing through our website using the code: CarrickInstitute5

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Use code “CarrickInstitute5and enjoy a 5% discount from the Carrick Institute when purchasing through our website.

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