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Video Case Review with Dr. Clark – Hearing Loss, Balance Problems & Joint Pain

Hello, Carrick Scholars! Today we have a special video case review with Dr. David Clark!  Sit back and watch as he guides you through one of his real clinical cases. Dr. Clark is recognized as one of the leading clinicians in the world in an integrated brain-based and nutrition practice. We hope you enjoy the presentation!  If you want to see more presentations like this, let us know by reaching out to us through our contact us page. The Carrick Institute’s mission is to offer the highest quality training in an effort to help produce the world’s best physicians. Part of becoming a good diagnostician is being able to recognize different patterns in our patients and then deciding where to make an intervention to yield the patient the best results.  If you want to learn how to help more patients by leveraging clinical neurochemistry and nutrition, considering registering for the new Carrick Institute Clinical Neurochemistry and Nutrition Program.
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