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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

As in medicine and dentistry, we have specialities within the chiropractic profession. Chiropractic neurologists, through their education, training and board certification, choose to limit their practice to a certain specialty to assist members of their profession and allopathic physicians in the diagnosis and treatment of a variety of conditions. Within the chiropractic profession, there are specialists in radiology, orthopaedics, neurology, and physical rehabilitation.

Typically, a chiropractic neurologist serves in the same consulting manner as a medical neurologist. The difference is that the therapies or applications of a chiropractic neurologist do not include drugs or surgery. As a result, certain conditions are more customarily seen by a chiropractic neurologist as opposed to a medical neurologist, and vice versa. Specifically, our people see patients with a variety of movement disorders, dystonia, post-stroke rehabilitation, and radiculopathy or nerve entrapment syndromes that are consequences of peripheral or central types of lesions. Chiropractic neurologists can provide therapies and treatments as well as counsel when there is a diagnostic dilemma or a question of appropriateness of care regarding an individual lesion or scenario.

Students enrolled in a doctoral program of study in a health care discipline may attend all modules and receive academic credit for all work completed.

Suggested process for enrollment:

  1. Visit the Schedule page and select a module that you wish to attend.
  1. You will then be guided through the process of registration and payment.
  1. You are automatically registered online.
  1. You will be asked to provide proof of your credentials upon arrival at your first class.

It is not necessary to begin at the first module nor to take the courses in order, however, due to the complexity of the material and the progressive design of the overall program, it would certainly be of the greatest benefit to the student, to begin at the first module.

The course stresses application throughout the learning process, which makes our instruction incredibly effective both in terms of retention of information and relevance to the practicing chiropractic neurologist. However, there is a stronger weighting of theoretical material in the earlier courses making for a solid foundation for later application. This again emphasizes the benefit of following the course sequence.

Before you can register for a module, you have to apply for enrollment to the program. We have an simple form to allow you to do this. Once accepted, you will will be able to use our easy online registration system.

For existing students, the process is simple:

  1. Visit the Academic Calendar and select the course you wish to register for.
  2. Complete the registration form
  3. Select your method of payment and enter this into our secure payment system.
  4. Your registration is immediately confirmed!
The student scholar type is only reserved for those in a full-time doctoral program such as DC, PT, MD, DO, etc. If you are not board eligible then you would be categorized as a tradition “learner” scholar type.
We recommend the use of Firefox or Chrome browsers. Please make sure that all your software and plugins are up to date.
A high-speed internet connection is recommended, such as cable internet or DSL (or something comparable), to ensure effective delivery of the learning material.
In the registration emails for courses, you will receive the reading list if there are recommended reading for that event. Some courses may be eligible for flipped classroom access, which includes videos, research articles and other preparation material. Please check the landing page section “Included in Your Tuition” to see if the class includes a flipped classroom. 
Note packs are sometimes provided by the professors. That is dependent on the teaching style of the individual professor. It is recommended that you bring your own note taking system to events.
If you ave already registered on the website, please access your My Account page to update your contact information.
The Carrick Institute is adding event specific forums as part of your registration for an event. Please post your questions there to communicate with Carrick Institute faculty and scholars.
The Carrick Institute is the gold standard of post-graduate clinical neurology education, and has been for over 40 years. Our curriculum has been designed and developed by Prof. Ted Carrick who continues to pioneer cutting edge concepts and applications in clinical neuroscience. We are proud to have trained over 14,000 physicians all over the world.
To receive a certificate of completion (or proof of attendance), one has demonstrate to the registrar (in person or online), that they are present and active for the duration of the event.

The bylaws of the American Chiropractic Neurology Board (ACNB) state the following: “The applicant must show evidence of having successfully completed a post doctoral in neurology of three hundred (300) credit hours from a chiropractic college, university, institution, foundation or agency whose program is approved by the continuing education committee of the Commission for Accreditation of Graduate Education (CAGEN).” The Carrick Institute is a CAGEN Approved Institution. For more information about CAGEN, please log on to For more information about the ACNB, please log on to ACNB website

No, DVD’s are not applicable for continuing education credit hours.

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