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ISCN 2019 Speaker Highlight: Prof. Carrick

At this year’s ISCN event, get a research update from Dr. Carrick on the topics of brain activity in trauma, neurodegeneration and many other topics that will be very exciting to hear. #ISCN2019 #internationalsymposium #clinicalneuroscience #neuroscience #neurology #carricktrained #carrickinsititute
  Transcription: – Hello, I’m Ted Carrick and I’m really pleased to be one of the speakers at the International Symposium on Clinical Neurosciences which is going to be held on May 24th to the 26th, in Orlando, Florida. At this Symposium, I’m going to be talking about the research that my team has published over the last year plus I’m gonna give you some insights into our ongoing projects, both with animal studies and with human clinical research, specific to brain activity and trauma, neuro-degeneration and a lot of other things that I think you will be very excited to hear. I’m gonna be excited to talk about it and I hope that you will enjoy it and I look forward to seeing you all, personally there.  
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