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Recommended Courses for Scholars Specializing in Migraines

Below you will find the recommended courses for those specializing in Migraines.

ReceptorBasedĀ® Essentials

ReceptorBased Essentials is the most effective way to start learning and implementing the functional neurology paradigm of care. This program teaches a brain-based model for manual therapies, rehabilitation strategies, and performance optimization techniques which allows clinicians to better serve their current patient population as well as attract a new patient base.


Pain Reset is the Carrick Instituteā€™s updated 5-day program for clinicians seeking clinical excellence in working musculoskeletal conditions and chronic pain. Pain Reset incorporates neuro-biomechanics, the latest in pain neuroscience and a functional neurology paradigm for a novel and effective model of care.

Clinical Neuroscience Program (CNS – 800 Series)

Scholars from around the world enjoy Carrick Instituteā€™s online self-paced educational offerings. Our clinical neuroscience (CNS) program prepares you for diplomateĀ exam from the ACNB and the fellowship exam from the ACFN while alsoĀ raising your clinical excellence so you can serve yourĀ patients at the highest levels possible.

Mastering Migraine

Migraine is the 6th most debilitating condition in the world. It affects over 38 million Americans, with 4 million suffering from chronic migraine. Understand what modalities and treatments are effective at managing migraine from a biomechanical, nutritional, hormonal and a Clinical NeuroscienceĀ  approach.

This series is designed for those seeking mastery of the treatment of migraine-related disorders. All material will be presented from the most current research available.

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