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Movement Disorders III w/ Prof. Carrick

Movement Disorder We are excited for the Movement Disorders Educational Program this weekend, November 18,19 and 20th, 2016 in Cape Canaveral, FL and through online live-stream. Professor Carrick has just returned from his movement disorder clinical rounds and keynote presentations at the¬†Piti√©-Salp√™tri√®re Hospital in Paris.¬† Piti√©-Salp√™tri√®re Hospital is the historical home of modern neurology raised in the shadow of Charcot, Babinski, Gilles de la Tourette and other pioneers in the discipline. france-hospital This weekend learning module will have some very special surprises for the attendees.¬† VERY SPECIAL!¬† This course may be attended in person at the Carrick Institute Learning Center in Cape Canaveral or by Live Streaming at a location of your choice. Our unique clinical pedagogy facilitates the complex clinical applications necessary to change lives of patients afflicted with disorders of movement. ¬† We are very proud of our scholars that are attending this program from around the globe. Reflect on this painting of ¬†Charcot attending a Salp√™tri√®re patient who is supported by Dr. Joseph BabiŇĄski and get ready for a unique learning experience. charcot-painting [ESPRESSO_EVENTS_TABLE_TEMPLATE category_slug=movement-disorders category_filter=false table_search=false show_all_datetimes=true]
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