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Interested in Doing Research?

If you are interested in preparing for research there are some recommended steps: 1   Get training! The Carrick Institute’s IRB requires you to complete the National Institute of Health’s (NIH’s) Protecting Human Research Participants course. It must be completed prior to your research and remain current during the time of your research. Your certificate is good for a year. The course takes a couple hours at the most, is free and is easy. The link to this class is: 2  Review the Carrick Institute IRB’s standard operating manual (SOP). This will educate you in how the IRB will review your submission. Save yourself the time and trouble by making sure your submission includes everything that is needed. The IRB is fair and is not there to make your life difficult; but it is there to serve the public safety first and foremost. So make sure you have everything required in your submission or there will be at best a delay or potentially a denial of approval. The link to the IRB’s SOP is here: IRB SOP Carrick 3  Select the correct forms from the IRB’s menu. The applications are different for a clinical trial than for a case study. For either one you will need a patient consent and if the subject(s) are minors a patient assent along with a parental consent. If there are changes or unforeseen adverse events, there are forms that you must use to report to the IRB. You can get the forms here: IRB operating procedures Study IRB application and notification forms Study ammendment form Reporting of adverse events Standardized consent forms Other forms and information Have more questions? All questions and research applications should be directed to the chairperson of the Carrick Institute Institutional Review Board at Please expect two weeks of processing time for expedited reviews, case study notifications and study amendments, and four weeks for full reviews and special population reviews. A copy of the Belmont Report can be had   here:

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