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(986) Neurochemistry & Nutrition Board Review


August 25-27, 2023

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Neurochemistry & Nutrition Board Review

This 3-day immersion program in Neurochemistry and Nutrition has been designed to serve as a review and update of new materials and applications for clinicians who are preparing to become board certified in clinical Neurochemistry and Nutrition. This program provides the annual educational requirements necessary to maintain active status as a neurology fellow (ACFN) and/or diplomate (ACNB). It has also been designed to serve as a review of current materials to assist candidates in their preparation for the board certification examination in Neurochemistry and Nutrition (FABNN) recognized by the American Chiropractic Association and the ACA Council on Neurology. FOR A FULL LIST OF NEUROCHEMISTRY BOARD REVIEW TOPICS – CLICK HERE
  1. Flexible Schedules and Formats – Carrick Institute offers a wide variety of classes for every learning style, situation, and schedule. We offer an in-person course, a live online course, and a self-paced course. Just the different options alone make the Carrick Institute a superior choice.
  2. Strong Learning Environment – Some people may have a hard time studying in their own home or may get distracted in the library. Whatever your study style is, Carrick Institute enforces a positive learning environment. Whether you enroll for the in-person course or the live online course you can choose the learning environment that is suitable for you. You will also have access to a faculty advisor or the teachers themselves if you have any questions during and after the course.
  3. Promotes Positive Study Habits – If you are preparing for your Exam during the summer season, it can be hard to stick to a study plan and follow through with a study schedule. By taking the Carrick Institute Board Review, you are more likely to stay on track and follow through on your study outline.
  4. Board Exam-Style Questions and Breakdown – The Carrick Institute Board Review course will give you test questions that are formatted to how you will see questions on the exam. Making the decision to enroll in the Carrick Institute Board Review course is, without a doubt, the best investment you can make. It will help you to prepare for one of the biggest exams of your functional neurology career and will give you the tools and confidence you need to be successful.
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