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Yoga, Tai Chi and Qigong for Reducing Stress Levels

🧠 Stress awareness tip: There is much evidence that yoga, tai chi and qigong are effective practices in reducing stress levels. 🧘🏻‍♀️ Much of the research emphasizes the mind-body connection and the meditative aspects of these activities, linking movement to breath and mindfulness. Other benefits of these practices on stress reduction include— 🌿 Better ability to adapt to stressors 🌿 Increased feelings of confidence, self-esteem and awareness of self 🌿 Increased musculoskeletal activation and awareness
We know that the brain is activated by movement— the brain thrives off of the movement we create. 🧠 Knowing this, introducing a practice focused on the concentration of movements and self-awareness would create a change to our mental state. Do you practice yoga, tai chi or qigong? If so, what effects have you experienced with your practice? Sources: Francis, Alisha L., and Rhonda Cross Beemer. “How Does Yoga Reduce Stress? Embodied Cognition and Emotion Highlight the Influence of the Musculoskeletal System.” Complementary therapies in medicine (2019).…/artic…/pii/S0965229918308574 Abbott R, Lavretsky H. Tai Chi and Qigong for the treatment and prevention of mental disorders. Psychiatr Clin North Am. 2013;36(1):109–119. doi:10.1016/j.psc.2013.01.011 #carricktrained #yoga #taichi #qigong #meditation #stressawareness#stressreduction #stress #carrickinsight #neuroscience #education#doctors  
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